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Flatmate's birthday is tonight, so we are getting ready to hit the town (champagne in hand) but before that happens, I feel it is very important to talk about the FINALE!FEST that happened on tv last night! (Or more accurately for me, the finale!fest that happened at way-too-early this morning.)

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All right, self, time to go do some actual human socializing. BUT STILL COME BACK AT A REASONABLE ENOUGH HOUR TO WAKE UP AND WATCH ASHES FINALE, OMG!
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...and quite frankly, your guess is as good as mine )
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Hello internet!

I've got four days of work under my belt now, and I think it's going well! Very museum-y. Lots of history. I'm quite pleased.

And the Chief Justice of Canada was there yesterday and I got to give her a mock-Immigration Interrogation! I asked her if she was smuggling any sausages into the country. Yes, you read that right. ;DDD


Ashes to Ashes 2x07 )

And speaking of my ol' friend Auntie Beeb, I thought both the second series of The Supersizers Go... and Casualty 1909 were supposed to air this May. And they didn't! What's up with that? Stop boinging me around like a yoyo, BBC. It isn't nice. :(

But in happier news The Summer '09 Buffy Marathon continues to go swimmingly! Though I've realized that watching season six with two squeeful Buffy/Spike fangirls is just a *titch* tiresome. Afraid my eyes are gonna get stuck in a permanently rolled sort of position. ;P
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Ashes? That was a goooooooood episode. Watch me focus on one thing in particular.

Spoilers for A2A 2x04 )
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AKA well, I haven't really gotten out of bed yet, so this can't *technically* count as cutting into my studying time, right?

Chuck - "Chuck vs. the Colonel" was pretty epic this week. Okay, MAJORLY (colonelly?) EPIC. Here, let me show you )

And what up, Ashes to Ashes? IT IS SO BRILLIANT TO HAVE YOU BACK! Because you're soooo pretty )

Now what's next on the procrastinating list?
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Ahhh, so much real life happenings! It's so distracting! I just got back from a job interview at Pier 21 (CANADA'S IMMIGRATION MUSEUM - the caps are apparently very necessary) which went well I think, so hopefully the summer job thing will be taken care of. I've been out two nights in a row which is ca-razy for me, but what with school drawing to a close and everyone off in all different directions (*sniff*) 'tis the season for partying. I've also got two exams later this week that need studying at some point, the sister is coming down to visit on Friday, a friend of my parents really wants me to fill out an application for Massey College for U of T-bound me so we'll see how that goes, and oh yeah, IT IS GORGEOUS OUT, SUNNY AND WARM, AND I WANT TO RUN SINGING THROUGH A FIELD SOMEWHERE. :DDD


And of course there's always the TV in my life. Tonight's episode of Chuck looks hyperventilatingly good (pleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelled), ASHES TO ASHES IS BACK, and, most importantly, [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies's Desperately Seeking Seeker Kink Ficathon is is full swing, and I have to post at some point because nekkid Richard and Kahlan make my world go round.

How's everyone else doing?

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Jan. 1st, 2009 05:08 pm
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I last posted icons in September. Wow. Maybe my other resolution should be to make more icons. Or do more fandom things in general. Because I really need to talk about television more than I already do. ;)

[1-4] Ashes to Ashes
[5-6] Chuck
[7-9] Little Dorrit
[10-13] Pushing Daisies
[14-17] Supernatural
[18-22] The Office
[23-24] Wonderfalls

More here )
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It's been AWHILE since I cleared out and posted some icons. Of course... there may be a very good reason for that.

[1-3] Ashes to Ashes
[4,5] Bones
[6,7] Chuck
[8-10] Doctor Who
[11,12] How I Met Your Mother
[13] Pushing Daisies cast
[14] Robin Hood
[15-17] Supernatural
[18-21] The Office
[22,23] Our Mutual Friend
[24, 25] Crossover

100x100 sized fun )

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Title: The Trick
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hjea
Summary: Alex is using Gene to find out about Sam Tyler. She doesn't quite get the answers she was looking for.
Words: 757
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Alex, Gene; implied Sam/Annie
Spoilers/Timeline: Ashes to Ashes 1x01. General spoilers for Life on Mars.
Disclaimer: Credit is all due to the BBC and Kudos. Thanks, guys!
Author's Note: Happy (belated) Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] inara223! This might be a little shameless, but I really wanted to explore what might've happened to Annie in Alex's world, how that effects the intrepid Gene Hunt, and whether that is at all important to how she will get home. Clearly, this show left me with a LOT of questions. ;) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] maidm for the read-through.

Gene was pissed, and talking about Sam again. )


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