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Flatmate's birthday is tonight, so we are getting ready to hit the town (champagne in hand) but before that happens, I feel it is very important to talk about the FINALE!FEST that happened on tv last night! (Or more accurately for me, the finale!fest that happened at way-too-early this morning.)

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Bones )

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All right, self, time to go do some actual human socializing. BUT STILL COME BACK AT A REASONABLE ENOUGH HOUR TO WAKE UP AND WATCH ASHES FINALE, OMG!
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One of my bestest RL tv-watching friends [livejournal.com profile] janie_jones_ (btw, check out her awesomely edifying blog TV Nerd News Updates) just started watching Bones for the first time, so of course now I'm rewatching some old episodes in support. :D And gah, Booth and Brennan!

I think at this point if they got any cuter and any more in love they would die. Jesus himself would send Zeus-y lighting bolts a-smiting from the sky at them because they are TOO CUTE FOR THIS WORLD.

Yes, in my personal polytheistic pantheon (try saying that ten times fast) Jesus and Zeus hang out swapping lightning bolts and, um... proverbs? ;DDD
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God, I love Stephen Fry. Every time he guests on Bones, MAGICAL things happen: Minispam for 5x07 - The Dwarf in the Dirt )

Conclusion: British people make television better. Thank you, and goodnight. *bows*
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Oh Bones. This was a fun episode. Not really my favourite, but it was about museums, so that made me pretty excited. (And yes, I guess you could argue that all the episodes are about museums as they take place AT one, but... this was better!) Anyway... grant disputes, repatriation, and interns--OH MY! ;)

Bits of the episode that stuck out, aka, watch me put my education to a trivial and awesome use )
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Fall tv is starting up again, and I want to get into the swing of things by actually talking about all the amazing shows that I enjoy far too much. And so I was going to talk about Bones starting season five, and how this show makes me just about the happiest fan EVER, but instead I think I'll just link to this FANTASTIC review that Hart Hanson talked about on Twitter. Written by an 11-year-old. Who has never seen an episode before.

She [Bones] had a bad day, she was in a dark cave all by herself, she couldn't get anybody to stay in the cave with her. They were all too scared. A witch kept following her around trying to get her to play cards with her.

(I've also been watching a lot of season four episodes this weekend, and gosh, someone needs to make an homage to Cam's facial expressions. She is the best straight-man pathologist ever.)
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LULZ. There's a Bones Intern Showdown poll over at [livejournal.com profile] torigates's journal to vote for your favourite intern from this season's selection. And not to be biased, but...

...MR. NIGEL-MURRAY ALL THE WAY! HE IS BRITISH, HIS NAME HAS A HYPHEN, AND HE SPOUTS USELESS TRIVIA MORE THAN I DO. (I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] maidm would back me up on that.) Plus the other fan favourite, Wendell, annoys the snot out of me, so I want to see him be CRUSHED!!!

Not to be vindictive or anything. ;D
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You know, for a show all about murder, Bones slays me with the cute every. single. week. Makes me tilt my head and go "Awwwww!" Except when you actually see the murder victims. That's less aww inducing. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS ADORABLE!

*throws confetti hearts around*

(P.S. Too much essaying. Brain turning to mush. Send rescue, tea, and/or chocolate.)
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I almost missed watching Bones this week, not realizing that it still airs here on Wednesday while it's only switched to Thursday in the States. Luckily, the internet always comes to the rescue! And this time legally, because apparently Global streams full episodes now. Who knew? And it's better than Hulu because they are NO commercials! Woo hoo!

But I digress. Nothing is going to make up for the loss of Pushing Daisies, but at least in the cuteness factor Booth and Brennan are putting in a darn good effort. I swear one of the directors must have approached them this year and said: "Okay, from now on, we want you two to play every scene like you're sleeping together." To which David and Emily would probably say something like: "Yeah, uh... we've been doing that since season one." And the director would say: "BUT NOW WE WANT MORE."

Seriously. There is almost nothing sub about this text anymore. It's kinda awesome. :DDD

And it's the start to my Reading Week, and I have actual novels to read that aren't for school, and school work too but I'll probably procrastinate to the last minute anyway. And Dollhouse is on in an hour and BATTLESTAR, and I just got back from dinner out with the friends and... there are worse Fridays, you know? I'm hopeful the rest of this break is going to be similarly nice.

Though in less nice things, I'm almost completely over my cold, but I still can't seem to shake the last of this cough. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm getting another attack of vestibular neuritis, which is just a fancy word my doctor gave me for an ear infection that throws off my balance. Which is going to be really fun in icy weather like this, believe you me.

But I will go back to better things, and say that I'm enjoying the HECK out of Vag Fest '09 cause it's awesomely like the pornfest but without needing to wade through all the boy slash and yay, yay, YAY! And I may need a beta for a little Seeker drabble, not related to vag fest 'cause I still have no confidence writing porn I am much more comfortable with snuggles, I am, I am, and, I don't know it's not much, but I'd really appreciate it anyway if anyone wants to. Wow, what a sell. ;D

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Television is absolutely my antidote to stress these days. Thus my continuous spamming of Little Dorrit because everyone ever should be watching it it's so fantastic and pretty and Matthew MacFadyen and Eve Myles and everyone and YAY!

Episode 9 )

In other news, I think the subtext from tonight's episode of Bones was that Brennan and Booth should be having babies. No, really. Watch the episode -- it's totally what they're getting at.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm going to try and find Pushing Daisies. It's a busy life. :DDD
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The Bones Show!

The Passenger in the Oven )

And now I'm just going to ignore the fact that I have to get up tomorrow and write a research essay. Which is all I seem to be doing with my life lately, so really I shouldn't be surprised.

Also it's snowing. As in snow staying on the ground snowing.

*hides from world*

Where did my tv!happy go?

(In the completely random column, I've also noticed that studying The Canterbury Tales this term is wreaking havoc on my spelling. I already had to retype bits of this multiple times! Damn you, Chaucer.)
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You know, Bones is one of the shows that can have a run of so-so episodes (sometimes bordering on crappy) to the point that I *might* just give up on it... and then it smacks me in the face with the seriousness and consideration and the OTP (and okay, not a small amount of cheese) and here I am sucked back into it again.

I love it. :DDD

Chair shoving! Brennan's my hero.
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The He in the She )
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It's been AWHILE since I cleared out and posted some icons. Of course... there may be a very good reason for that.

[1-3] Ashes to Ashes
[4,5] Bones
[6,7] Chuck
[8-10] Doctor Who
[11,12] How I Met Your Mother
[13] Pushing Daisies cast
[14] Robin Hood
[15-17] Supernatural
[18-21] The Office
[22,23] Our Mutual Friend
[24, 25] Crossover

100x100 sized fun )

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Eek, I'm sorry. Apparently starting classes again does make one busier. I will try and finish/post those drabble requests eventually, but with class and readings and just getting back into that school mindset, it might take me awhile. So sorry again!

One thing I apparently do have time for however, is the noble art of tv-watching.

Bones: 4x02 )

But commercials continue to annoy the pants off me. How did we ever enjoy television before the internet?
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Aw see, now I'm really excited for season two of Chuck. Comic Con, why must you keep titillating me with your wealth of geeky treasures??


Also, in Bones news )

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The spoilers of BONESSSSS!!! )

Real life discovery of the night: I think I'm allergic to my cottage. Last year I went up and got the worst outbreak of poison ivy ever! (Well, maybe not ever, but it was the worst I've ever had. So yeah.) And this year, we got home from the cottage last night and then suddenly this afternoon I got a case of the sneak!attack fever. Not cool, body. I was sick *less* than five weeks ago. You suck.

I should probably go to bed.
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*does the dancing phalanges dance*


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