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Look what I made for dessert!

Peach tart.

Yeah. How awesome am I? ;D

Also, I have an entry for the weirdest dreams contest. Seriously, it's and odd one. )

And don't ask me what I was tripping on last night because I have no idea.

ETA: Pie was scrumtastic. JSYK.
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Attention, fans of The Big Bang Theory (And if you're not watching... whyyyyyyyy?) and geeks of the BSG persuasion! Remember that one time that Anders dated Penny? How awesome was that?

Casting spoilers for tBBT )

Time to break out the dance of geeky joy again, methinks!
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[1] BSG
[2-4] Buffy
[5-9] Dollhouse
[10-11] How I Met Your Mother
[12-25] Legend of the Seeker
[26-28] Misc.

+ 26 More )
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Okay so. Sam/Annie are MEGA OTP, and fandom is dumb for not agreeing with me.

Yeah, rewatched some Life on Mars today (1x05, the one with the football) and now I'm clearly revisiting my slash anger issues. But mainly I don't get it. Because... just watch this scene. They are 100% adorable, and 100% totally into each other.

SEE? Yes. I win, fandom. ;) Now I'm gonna channel my energy into my current fervid desire: Please get Liz White on A2A this season, please get Liz White on A2A this season, please get Liz White on A2A this season... IT WOULD BE AMAZING! Then Annie and Gene could argue about their Sam!pain. And then Annie could show off her wee Sam babies and shurrup, they totally had babies, okay yes, that's just how I roll with my OTPs.

Either way, I'll leave you with a rec of one of my favourite Life on Mars fics: [livejournal.com profile] _starrystarry's I think I made you up inside my head.

He lolls his head back. If he were to make up a woman she wouldn’t be this far ahead of him.

(He’s starting to think that if he were to make up a woman though, she would be Annie Cartwright, so he’d better start catching up.)


(Random aside, I also rewatched BSG's "Valley of Darkness" [I know, it's clearly been a very productive day] and may I just ask: best episode ever? It's at least gotta be in the top five. It has almost all my favourite things. And now I need to fit in a BSG season two rewatch somewhere in my life.)
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Yes, I lied. I totally woke up early and watched it. *shrugs* Wasn't like I could sleep anymore anyway. ;)

three things )
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So I just realized that I probably won't be able to watch the BSG finale until sometime tomorrow afternoon (why do I have no friends who watch BSG AND have cable? Stupid poor students) so I'm going to go ahead and declare myself in a BATTLESTAR BLACKOUT ZONE. I'll do the smart thing and avoid my flist tonight and tomorrow morning (Woe!) but still, please don't come running with spoilers all: "OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE ____ DIED!" or, "WASN'T IT AWESOME WHEN HELO AND ATHENA LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH THEIR MILLION CUTE BABIES?" (Hey, it could happen!) I doubt anyone actually would spoil me, I'm just putting it out there.

Enjoy the show tonight! I do get Dollhouse on one of my three bunny-ear-provided channels, so I'll be rocking that. Apparently two characters are finally supposed to meet. GLEE!
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I have a new song. It goes: ~Battlestar's going to break my heart, doo dah, doo dah~ What do you think? (Yes, the doo dah's are necessary to counteract the ANGST ANGST ANGST.)

I want to hug them ALL. Adama, Laura, Kara, Lee, HELO (he gets extra), Athena, Hera, Sam, Tigh, Ellen, Tory, Caprica, Hotdog, Cottle, Racetrack, Skulls, Ishay... all of them, even Gaius Fraking Baltar. The only person I'm leaving out is Tyrol, 'cause he was being a big stupid jerk butt, but I'm hopefull he'll make it up next week.

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I feel like I should say something about BSG, but well, a lot's been said, and I liked most of it, had issue with some of it, teared up over someone (if you take a wild stab and guess that that someone has a callsign that starts with 'H' and ends in 'elo' than you are correct, sir) and am mostly intrigued as to HOW they're going to pull off the end to all of this in the next two weeks.

What was slightly more enjoyable however, (I love BSG, and I love watching it, but I'm not sure you could define its "HERE'S AN HOUR OF PAAAAAAIIIIIIIN" as strictly enjoyable) was hanging out with my friends today. One of the guys who was tinkering around on a piano started playing something very familiar sounding. So of course I turned around, grinning, asking "Is that..." and he's all blushy and, "Yeah. I figured out the arrangement for Kara's piano version of All Along the Watchtower."

And I knew he watched BSG, but this was just about the nerdiest thing he'd done. And along with my CUTE NERD BOY Helo!conversation on Tuesday (which was fun while it lasted), I've got to conclude that the imminent ending of our show is pulling everyone's love out into the open, right into public sight so we can talk and nerd about it while we still have the time.



So in happier tv news, THERE'S A NEW SEEKER TONIGHT, WHEEEEEEE! That seemed like a really short break. Probably because all the AWESOME YOU KNOW *wink wink nudge nudge* sustained me through the usual slump of waiting between episodes. So clearly the answer is that they should do it more often. *G*

Did I mention that [livejournal.com profile] lily_268 wrote me a FABULOUSLY HOT Richard/Kahlan fic about circumnavigating boundaries? Did I mention I love her to death? Read. Enjoy. Spread the porn love.
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[livejournal.com profile] ninamazing, thank god I have someone to throw all my flaily emotions around with. &hearts
BSG - 417 - Someone to Watch Over Me [Spoilers] )
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Dollhouse - 1x03 - Stage Fright )

And now I'm going to feel slightly jealous of all the people watching BSG right now.

ETA: And BSG just kicked my ass. From one end of the room to the other. Thanks a lot, RDM. You giant mother frakker.
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My thoughts 15 minutes after finishing the episode: Spoilers )

A large part of that episode felt very much like set-up for the next, but it was great set-up, so I'm happy. And sometimes you really do just need to take a step back and let in the exposition.
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You know the problem with having to wait until Saturday morning to watch BSG is that I see all the posts about it on my flist and I get SO TEMPTED. I guess the solution could be to NOT go on LJ while I'm waiting for the show to download but, uh... no.


Okay, I'm going to stop there before I slip into true inanity, but NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! ARE YOU HERE YET??????????
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Oh, show. You might as well have it: *hands them my stomped on heart*

Spoilers )
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Okay so wow, a lot happened. And apparently it's only supposed to get darker from here. Yay? I forget who first coined the phrase: "And you thought Buffy season six was dark" BUT THAT JUST KEEPS GETTING MORE APPROPRIATE AS THE SHOW GOES ON.

Spoilery questions about the Final Cylon; run away if you haven't seen it )
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In the immortal words of someone else: Fuck this, I'm going to Hogwarts.

And apropos of nothing: Agent Cylon! Apparently Tricia Helfer is going to be on Chuck sometime this year. AND SHE'S SO CUTE AND EXCITED ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE.

ADAM BALDWIN: She's tall. She's beautiful. She's smart.
TRICIA: Yeah, I payed him to say that.

Oh, sweetie. No you didn't. ;)
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I know I'm made of utter fail for taking so long with these. But er... better late than never is always applicable, right?

General Disclaimer: It all belongs to someone else.

For [livejournal.com profile] agent_rouka Firefly meets Jeeves and Wooster )

For [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate Dean/Number Six; Power Struggle )

For [livejournal.com profile] ninamazing Robin/Marian; Raspberries )

For [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar Ten II/Rose; Heights )

I hope you enjoy them!
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I looooooooove this show. Spoilers )

The end is like the beginning. I love you, show. Is it next week yet?
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Aside from the Squeeful!Fandom!Flailing, however, ugghh... I'm so sick. I think I've got the consumption. ...Or a mild case of bronchitis, whichever. Still, this is not great for a weekend where I've still got to write an entire research paper for monday. All I want to do is curl up under my blankets and cough up all the lovely gunk hanging out in my lungs. No papers! Wah.


And new Who airs tonight! Man, I'm so not getting anything done.
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Things I managed to do today:
  • Set my lunch on fire
  • Impressed myself by not panicking, but instead very calmly grabbing some baking soda, doused said FLAMES, and opened windows to prevent fire alarm craziness
  • Succesfully did not set lunch v. 2.0 alight
    Still, I don't think a career in fire prevention and/or fighting would be a good path for me.

Battlestar has been on the mind a lot lately, what with the fourth season starting next month AFTER A YEAR. Doctor Who airing in April is also very exciting (except, um, WHEN EXACTLY, BBC??) but at least it hasn't been a year since an OMG!WTF!CRAZY finale. (Yes, I know I'm harping. Hush.) Anyway, I've managed to get one of my friends watching the show (and in a totally unexpected result, got one of her friends hooked to the point that she watched the entire series during reading week) and then I've since watched most of the series again while doing such exiting things as knitting and avoiding homework. Getting to bring up Cylons every time my Sci-Fi prof mentions our technology taking us over is another fun result. So, nothing too much has come of it - I just wanted to reaffirm to anyone in doubt that I am indeed a huge nerd. *G*

Ooh - I did read this REALLY nice interview with Tahmoh Penikett (he was being so sweet! And had great answers! And was like, "wait a minute, I'm driving around Vancouver and I need to get some gas, but keep talking!") which has really re-established my !!!HELO!!! love. I LOVE Helo. Prompting me to run about lj in a frenzy, trying to track down good Helo icons (dudes. I found freaking Boxy icons before I found Helo. WTF?), and flailing about the awesomeness of Agathons in general. I'm now kind of irrationally terrified that they're going to do something to him in this last season and if so -- I am going to carry on (á la Marian), let me tell you. Though I suppose as long as my Pilots are fine, I'll be okay. Eventually. (Still - I'm watching you, RDM, so step away from Helo)

Alright, so much for obsessing. I have five essays all due in the next two weeks and I'm declaring myself, starting tomorrow, officially in work mode. (I'm hoping by declaring it in public I'll shame myself into actually doing it) Still, please taunt me mercilessly if you catch me doing otherwise. I might cry, but it will be worth it.


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