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I love Halifax.

On my walk home from work today, I ran into four people I know. As in, I met two (who I thought were in Ontario) and then fifteen seconds later, two more people came walking around the corner. I lived in Toronto for seventeen years, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I randomly bumped into people like that. Of course, in this city, it really isn't that remarkable. I've come to expect it. I'm actually surprised when I don't run into people at the saturday market now.

Of course, Halifax is on a hurricane watch right now. Hurricane Bill is supposed to hit us sometime tomorrow, although it's likely it'll only be a tropical storm in Nova Scotia. Still, the city's a little trigger shy after how ill-prepared they were for Hurricane Juan six years ago, so everybody's stocking up on water, batteries, and beer.

I also saw four separate wedding parties having their photos taken in the Public Gardens on my way home. I'm not sure if they're trying to beat the weather or not, either way it was pretty funny. Also a lot of bridesmaids standing off to the side smoking... I don't want to say bitterly, but yeah, in a kind of bitter way. ;)

And whatever weather we get tomorrow, for now it is hot, and sunny, and beautiful, and I'm going to eat pizza in my lovely apartment, and then go hang out with friends.

Eight more days, city. I miss you already.
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It's been about a week since I've posted, hasn't it? Poor abandoned LJ! And I still don't really have anything of substance to say. Between work, and doing awesome things like scuba diving with [livejournal.com profile] jenjennyjen last weekend, and having [livejournal.com profile] janie_jones_ visit me from Toronto this weekend, I have been/will be spending a lot of time away from the computer. And I've hardcore freaking out about my move to Toronto in THREE WEEKS TIME (*clings to Halifax*) to get to. Phew! Busy! I'm sure once classes start in the fall it'll all get back to normal. ;)
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Summer is festival time in Halifax--we've already been through the Jazz Festival, and the Busker's Festival is coming next month. But the best known and largest-crowd-drawing was this week: the Nova Scotia Tall Ships Festival. And working down at the waterfront, I've had some of the best vantage points.

+ Way Too Many More Pictures Of Pretty Ships )

Anyone who spots The Bluenose gets, uh... bragging rights. ;DDD
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I saw Paul McCartney last night! For free too. ;) He was in Halifax playing his only Canadian show, and since the concert was in the Halifax Commons just two blocks from my place, we ended up just going down and standing right outside. We could see the video screens clearly and the music was so loud we didn't miss a thing. Highly, highly awesome. Sir Paul plays one awesome show for a 67 year old: dude has stage presence coming out the wazoo. And it's quite an experience to sing "Hey Jude" along with 60,000 other people while a live-in-the-flesh flipping Beatle is up on stage leading along. My mum has advised me to tell my future grandkids about it. ;)

And now, a few really-not-deep-or-thinky-at-all thoughts about Torchwood: Children of Earth )
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What a great day for my work today! This morning the Prime Minister was here to announce our museum's new status as Canada's National Immigration Museum--we're only the second museum outside Ottawa to be given national status, so obviously it's been quite a big coup for us all who work here. And the PM gave quite a good speech despite being a waxy, shellac-haired, kitten eating robot! Please check it out here if you're interested in watching the speech. (Yes, we clapped a LOT.)

Darryl Dexter, the new (first ever NDP) premier of Nova Scotia was here as well, though he unfortunately didn't make a speech--coming from strong socialist roots, I was really more interested to see him than the Tory PM. AND the Lieutenant Governor was here (I like her), and all in all it was just really excitiing! And I'm so proud of my museum. Even if I've only worked here for a month, I've really gotten to appreciate the important stories we're telling.


ETA: Ooh, and I think I just saw myself on the news for about 1 second! HUZZUH, I'M FAMOUS. ;D

it's the...

May. 1st, 2009 09:14 am
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Heh, strangely appropriate, LJ, I was just talking about this last night! With [livejournal.com profile] _deejay_, and mainly in regards to zombies--cuz I do that--but also, you know, fitting because there's a big forest fire outside my city right now. Not very close to me, but close enough that we got some pretty impressive photos of the smoke when [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate and I were wandering downtown yesterday.

Photos )

A lot of people have been evacuated, and some homes destroyed, but no one has been hurt, so I hope that keeps up. And it's supposed to rain later today so *crosses finger*.

So take that, robo-vampire-zombie-alien arsonists of the apocalypse!

I so am going to the Special Hell.
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[livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate and I went for an impromptu walk as we wandered the long way home from the library this afternoon--today was that day when spring just kinda happens: yesterday I bundled up in a scarf and a winter coat, today I strolled around in my t-shirt. :)

And I luckily had my camera with me, because besides the pretty that are the many MANSIONS in the west-end of Halifax, we happened upon some pretty sweet graffiti.

You know you're in a university town when... )
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It's odd. Either someone downstairs has been playing a lot of Torchwood lately, or the wind moving between the buildings here sounds remarkably like this.

The third option is of course that the Halifax rift is opening up again. In which case I'm glad I've worked out a Weevil escape plan. (/Zombie escape plan. Good for any monster attack really. Can't say I'm not well prepared!)

Notice that not one of these options is: Heather, you're crazy. *g*
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More snow. It's great isn't it? Lots of snow. Falling. Everywhere. Being cold. And a pain to walk through. And obscuring the sun. And... cold. And how no matter what, Dal still won't close.(maybe by now, you've picked up on my hint of sarcasm). *head-desks* Dear LORD, I hate winter!

Okay, I'm fine. Everyone just needs to blow off a little winter!angst now and then, yes? But there are good things! Like chai lattes. Mmm.... thank you, Second Cup. Also, I gave blood yesterday, which pleases me greatly, especially because afterwards there's juice and cookies and everyone there tells you how you're a superhero. *adjusts my cape* Seriously, if you think it's something you can handle, I HIGHLY recommend it. Such a great ego massage - oh, and I suppose there's all that helping save lives. ;) Though I did realize something: they tell you not to do any strenuous activity for eight hours afterwards, but on my way home after schlepping through the snow and then climbing three flights of stairs all with a heavy knapsack (The Complete Works of William Shakespeare being one of the books therein - and guys, that bitch is heavy), well, I think that might've just counted as strenuous activity. I nearly passed out on my bed. Oy, winded.

Other things: I watched the second season of Angel last week whilst teaching myself how to knit (I'm nearly done a sock! I just... need more wool) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I love Angel in its early days. Well, I loved it all the way through, even when it depressed/squicked me beyond the telling (Connor/Cordelia is NOT something I need to relive any day soon), but the second season was just so fun. Even when Angel was being a big bad emo baby, I still giggled. (and swooned - Lindsey's singing in "Dead End" still has the exact same effect it had on thirteen-year-old me) And there's Wesley being... Wesleyish and goofy and I cannot get enough. Watching the Pylean arc was a lot of fun, with the not on fire, and "Fascinating!", and "I think we're winning!". Ohmigod, Wes, I missed happy!you later on. The one thing that was on my mind at the end of the season was, unfortunately, how many of those beloved characters ended up dead by the show's end. Fred's introduction (oh, and bark enchiladas? WIN) just cemented it for me. Joss, I don't think anyone could doubt your soul-sucking mastery.

But to end on a happy note in this very up and down post (I should really eat something, that would probably help *g*) the writer's strike is over! I am really happy to have some of our shows back (JIM/PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I'd really be interested to find the EXACT contents of the agreement. What did the WGA get after all these months? Were any points conceded to the AMPTP? And can we expect to be back here in another 20 years?

ETA: And now it's raining. Just in case you're fascinated by the quirks of a Haligonian winter.
ETA 2: And because [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate mentioned it, and I saw it on the news last night, and because it's fucking hilarious (in a sad, sad way): Halifax: we're nearly too poor to plow our snow!
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Uck. Walking to class was like wading through a river most of the way, thanks to the strange weather of snow and/or rain that's been falling since last night. Thank GAWD for my rubber boots without which I'd be a lot more cranky. And a lot more wet. Still, I had to stand on the mat for a while, dripping and feeling despondent. If it freezes overnight then I'm quite literally going to need to strap on my skates to get to class. Or stay home.

Made myself feel better about living in this kooky country with its kooky weather by listening to the Arrogant Worms, which is fun if you're Canadian and which maybe you should avoid (especially "The War of 1812") if you're not. "Me Like Hockey" does have some of the best rhymes though, like:
"Maybe if we want to win-der... maybe we should play in winter!"

And THEN I saw a father lift his nine or ten-year old (i.e. not small) daughter over a big puddle (i.e. lake) like a princess, and there was much giggling and pretending to drop (though he never would) and it warmed my heart. If not the rest of me. ;D
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Oy gevalt. The first week back at classes should not be so stressful. I'm sure there's a rule somewhere. BUT, essay numero uno is now finito'd (pending me going for an edit at the Writing Centre, which is really a super sekrit excuse for [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate and me to hang out - because CLEARLY we don't see each other enough) and now I feel free to geek my little geeky heart out.

First things first, I FINALLY saw Juno this saturday, after being pestered by family and friends alike, and indeed, as everyone says, it REALLY WAS THAT GOOD. Besides which, I wanted to see it ever since I saw the trailer in November, but could never quite sort out the time (nor funds) but now I have seen it and anyway, WIN WIN WIN. WIN. Cheese to my macaroni indeed )

It's amazing the kind of things I'll get up to to waste time and procrastinate. Missing TV because of el strike-o (I'm not sure what's up with the fake Spanish in this post. Just go with it) not being one of them, but being hit by such strong Jim/Pam missage of all a sudden (The Office! It's been so looooooong!), that I needed to seek out every baby!fic ever written about them (Oh, More Than That, how useful you are). Or in an amazing bout of self-indulgence, skimming through the crossover, Lending a Hand, that [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I wrote last year, trying to remember which bits Frances wrote, and which bits I did. General rule of thumb I found was that if it's awesome and Doctor-babbly then it's Frances, adjectivey and wordy = me. :) Old fic is fun. And at the low end of the scale, there's "lets watch my slippers dance in the mirror for half an hour while I actively avoid thinking about Sci-fi essays". It's a wonder I ever buckle down and actually get any school work done.

Anywho, me gusta the ficage, so would anyone be interested in ye olde drabble meme? Put a prompt in the comments and I'll write you a short story below. Basically any fandom you've seen me talk about is fair play, though be warned, Robin Hood prompts are likely to get FERVENT!DENIAL LAND treatment. I'm fairly certain the finale was just bad teenage angsty character death fic gone wrong, anyway. REAL canonical Robin Hood wouldn't kill off its leads.

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I'm ridiculously proud of myself and it really shouldn't be that big a deal, but I made apple pie this afternoon and it was my first time (hmm, that could be dirty if taken in an "American Pie" context. ;) Please don't flag me! *hides*) and I also made the crust from scratch and it worked out WELL!!!

And since I'm apparently on an LJ spree today, I felt it only fair to show picture:

YAY PIE. (Thank you, Pushing Daisies, for this delicious new fan!fad) So proud of it, I was almost afraid to eat it in case it didn't actually taste good and I couldn't be so proud anymore. But then I did eat it ('cause who would really just leave a hot apple pie?) and it was delicious and the roommate thought so too.

Hey, look! We got snow today! And it's still here:

Welcome winter. But Halifax? Please stay warmer than the rest of the country. That way, [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar will come visit, and I won't freeze my wimpy little toes off.

Robin Hood 2x09: Jonas Armstrong can propose to me in the forest any day. Even if he does compare me to his weapon. So much LOVE for this episode. I think I'll go watch certain bits of it again.
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Well, here comes our snow. Just little bits of it now, floating charmingly through the air, but I expect it'll pick up soon. My reasoning behind weather prediction in Halifax is usually to take what going on in the more westerny parts of the country and just give it a few days. It's a good rule of thumb: You guys get snowed on, I wait three days, I get snowed on. Done and done. But it's still not December yet, and I don't care how sweet and holiday-y it looks outside, I will NOT start playing Christmas music. NOPE. *resolve face*

Small batch of Random Assorted Icons time:
[7] Pushing Daisies from 1x06 and 1x07
[2] Robin Hood from 2x06 (they're being spies!) et voila )
(Whoops, found another PD:1x06 icon I left out) )

Hmm, really starting to look nippy out there, I say, curled up in my bath robe under the covers. But the sister is out at some costuming event in Sherbrooke (yes, as in "I wish I was in [it] now" for those of you familiar with "Barrett's Privateers". Canadiana FTW!) and I hope she's warm enough. Then again, those Victorian dresses have about FIFTY BILLION layers, so I'm sure she'll be fine.
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Makes my timey-wimey icon seem extra appropriate, doesn't it? ;)

Funny thing. Roommate #1 and I spent most of the afternoon reading in the Public Gardens, which I do believe, have risen to being my favourite place in Halifax as they are completely gorgeous in the summertime. But anyways, after spending nearly four hours reading in the shade (she was starting 'The Golden Compass' after much recommendation from everyone, and I was giggling my way through 'The Eyre Affair') we decided to just take a turn through the gardens before heading home. And lo and behold, there was a new fountain near the entrance. Take a look at the plaque, and take special note of the date:

ROOMMATE: Er... August 6, 2007 is tomorrow.
ME: Sweet. We must have time travelled.
ROOMMATE: Hey, cool.


It's definitely because I was wearing my new 'The Angels have the Phonebox' t-shirt and was thus open to travel through the time vortex. Worth a giggle over anyway.

So, if anyone comes to Halifax and finds themselves enjoying our beautiful Public Gardens, watch out for that spontaneous time travel. It Could Happen To YOU! (Though, knowing you lovely flisties, that might just be an incentive.)

P.S. Look how pretty my city is!squee:

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The first thought I had when I woke up this morning was: "Bagpipes". (Stop me if this sounds familiar) Then I rolled over and went back to sleep. Five minutes later, again I think: "Bagpipes". Thirty seconds of forehead scrunching and Morning Brain thoughts, I come up with: "Why are there bagpipes?" But then I just shrug and roll over. Two minutes later it's: "FUCK IT, WHY ARE THERE BAGPIPES PLAYING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW BECAUSE IT'S NOT THE LONG WEEKEND YET AND NOW I'M FULLY AWAKE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Then I got up and had Quaker oatmeal and felt much better about my day. Plus, Random Bagpiper had disappeared from earshot. Heh heh heh.

Anywho, after that INTERESTING anecdote dote I'm sure, and some other nonconsequential morning-like affairs (shower, dressing, morning internet surfing), I finally got to go downtown and sign my lease today! Yay! It's official! Moving into new place on september first. The property manager was really nice, (though I'm sure that it didn't hurt that I was handing her a lot of money, and signing a piece of paper promising here I would keep giving her a lot of money at the beginning of each month) and she gave me a welcoming package (with notes like: please don't leave the oven on and burn down the building, plzkthnx) AND an information package about the student deals and discounts the company has with Aliant.

I said outloud: "Mmm... oh yeah, that sounds quite good."

On my way back up Spring Garden, I found Random Bagpiper had relocated to the engineering campus and was serenading the people there. But considering it was now 1:30 in the afternoon as opposed to 8:30 in the morning, they were being a little more appreciative than I was.

Then I went to the library (public, not school) found one Tracy Chevalier book that I wanted, found out they didn't have her newest one (alas), and also took out some of the Classical Kids CDs that I used to LOVE as a little me, because I was feeling nostalgic and I'm dorky like that so sue me. Plus I got to go in the kids section, and it was full of kids and their parents, getting all excited about books, and I love that because it makes me feel like the world is a good and marvelous and hopefull place to be after all. Libraries are wonderful places.

Finally meandered my way home, with a pit stop to Tim's for an ice cap (because it's lovely and hot and sticky outside, so I don't care how many calories are in them). Walked back through the public gardens, admired the duckies swimming ever so sweetly, briefly considered jumping in myself, and then finally got home.

And turned on my fan.

Which is cooling me ever so nicely as we speak.

*pats it*

And that's it!
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So remember two weeks ago when I posted pics of a Halifax that was knee-deep in snow?

We've had some changes. :D

I went for a walk downtown yesterday and it was gorgeous! Everyone was out an enjoying the sun (some were blinking as if stunned) and I was there too! Sipping (/crunching) on my green tea smoothy, listening to the FireflyTallk Podcast and breaking in my new sandals. What joy! If you want to indulge me, I've got some more pics of how pretty Halifax can be in the sun.

Boats. Lots of boats. There's a definite boat theme here. )

Going home tomorrow! Toronto better be as nice as here.

REC: Fans of The Office! This story by [livejournal.com profile] dollsome is one of the best Office fics I've read. It's like reading an episode, the voices are all so spot on. Kelly and Dwight and Andy are especially good. And Michael tries to explain why Dunder Mifflin is like American Idol. Fantastic! Go read!
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Happy Easter flist, those of you who celebrate it. And bunnies and chocolate to everyone, because I think the sharing of chocolate goes above and beyond religious persuasions. I think I could even name one or two people who would argue that chocolate is a religion unto itself. ;)

I hope y'all have been having a good weekend, regardless of the SNOW that has apparently decided to cover this whole country, thank you very much. Nothing too exciting happening here, classes are over, studying has kinda started (well... I've thought about it) and the rest has been interesting and time consuming. We had one party here thursday night, and then spent the next two nights recovering by watching movies. *g* Serenity friday night (whoo hoo! - it'd been too long since I've watched our beloved BDM) and then Moulin Rouge last night. With three other girls. Yes, there was bawling and heartbroken sighing and swooning. Well... maybe not swooning, but you get the idea. I prefer to watch Moulin Rouge the Willow way, and stop it before the end. (Those of you who know what I'm talking about: *nerd points*.)

And then this morning I went to church. Yep. It's funny how my mother can make me do things even when she's three provinces away. Cut for churchy Easter-like ramblings )

The sun came out when I was walking home, making the April snow (oy) suddenly quite pretty and appealing. And I just happened to have my camera with me. :D So now I will picspam you. Hee!

Halifax is so pretty! )

Anywho, that's about it from me. I should probably study for my Arthur exam on tuesday (I never did actually finish the 'mort' d'Arthur part of Le Morte Darthur) and then continue the job hunt. But it's more likely I'll just finish fiddling with a bunch of random icons I've been working on. I'll post 'em later. ;)

*munches chocolate*


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