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How about a list of my incoherent thoughts. As they happen. SPOILERS )

I spent a good chuck of this evening watching episodes of Buffy to hype myself up for Dollhouse. Extra hype-up, anyway. I was already hyped. And the cold medicine helps too.

But Buffy is awesome. As infrequently as I watch the show now, I still have an enormous love for it. My first love. *g* And I also think season four needs some more loving. I know it's often people's least favourite season, but it was the first season I tuned into! So I have a soft spot. And I'm also one of like four people who likes Riley so I'm sure that helps too. ;) But it does have fantastic episodes in it. "Hush" is still pretty much as terrifying as it was when I first saw it (when I was 12 - there's a scary thought). It's episodes like that, or like Doctor Who's "Blink" that really hit home how much you can do with so little--and how scary that can be. Joss is definitely the master.

And I'm really excited to see that mastery in Dollhouse.
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Ugh... I feel like crap. Sick sick sick sick sick sick. I thought I might be able to weather out this winter's flu season but -- nope! Yay.

(Really, I only feel like I have the beginnings of a cold, but being sick also makes me whiny and over exaggerate-y)

Still, I think I am going to skip my first class (in which we were threatened with reading Gertrude Stein aloud, no thank you) and hang out in bed a bit more, make pathetic faces at my roommate, and sip some neocitrin.


(Which is actually airing on one of the three channels I get with my soon-to-be obsolete bunny-ears, so yay!!!)

It's been a long wait since we first heard about this puppy. Please, please, please, please, please don't cancel it.

Ooh, I'm all excited! Feeling better all ready.

...but I'm still not going to class. *g*
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No new HIMYM episode this week :( but in semi-stalking celebrity news:

Alyson Hannigan+Alexis Denisof baby!

Aww. And then their kiddie can hang out with Amy Acker's, and Joss's, and their parents can have musical Shakespeare time in the next room and... wow, I love my Buffy and Angel alum version of Lives of the Rich and Famous a little too much. ;)

(I also love how the article's main concern is: Does this mean we get to meet Lily and Marshall Awesome's kids, Totally and Freaking?? *G* Love it.)
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More snow. It's great isn't it? Lots of snow. Falling. Everywhere. Being cold. And a pain to walk through. And obscuring the sun. And... cold. And how no matter what, Dal still won't close.(maybe by now, you've picked up on my hint of sarcasm). *head-desks* Dear LORD, I hate winter!

Okay, I'm fine. Everyone just needs to blow off a little winter!angst now and then, yes? But there are good things! Like chai lattes. Mmm.... thank you, Second Cup. Also, I gave blood yesterday, which pleases me greatly, especially because afterwards there's juice and cookies and everyone there tells you how you're a superhero. *adjusts my cape* Seriously, if you think it's something you can handle, I HIGHLY recommend it. Such a great ego massage - oh, and I suppose there's all that helping save lives. ;) Though I did realize something: they tell you not to do any strenuous activity for eight hours afterwards, but on my way home after schlepping through the snow and then climbing three flights of stairs all with a heavy knapsack (The Complete Works of William Shakespeare being one of the books therein - and guys, that bitch is heavy), well, I think that might've just counted as strenuous activity. I nearly passed out on my bed. Oy, winded.

Other things: I watched the second season of Angel last week whilst teaching myself how to knit (I'm nearly done a sock! I just... need more wool) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I love Angel in its early days. Well, I loved it all the way through, even when it depressed/squicked me beyond the telling (Connor/Cordelia is NOT something I need to relive any day soon), but the second season was just so fun. Even when Angel was being a big bad emo baby, I still giggled. (and swooned - Lindsey's singing in "Dead End" still has the exact same effect it had on thirteen-year-old me) And there's Wesley being... Wesleyish and goofy and I cannot get enough. Watching the Pylean arc was a lot of fun, with the not on fire, and "Fascinating!", and "I think we're winning!". Ohmigod, Wes, I missed happy!you later on. The one thing that was on my mind at the end of the season was, unfortunately, how many of those beloved characters ended up dead by the show's end. Fred's introduction (oh, and bark enchiladas? WIN) just cemented it for me. Joss, I don't think anyone could doubt your soul-sucking mastery.

But to end on a happy note in this very up and down post (I should really eat something, that would probably help *g*) the writer's strike is over! I am really happy to have some of our shows back (JIM/PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I'd really be interested to find the EXACT contents of the agreement. What did the WGA get after all these months? Were any points conceded to the AMPTP? And can we expect to be back here in another 20 years?

ETA: And now it's raining. Just in case you're fascinated by the quirks of a Haligonian winter.
ETA 2: And because [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate mentioned it, and I saw it on the news last night, and because it's fucking hilarious (in a sad, sad way): Halifax: we're nearly too poor to plow our snow!
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I could have gone to LitCrit this morning, but insead of listening to my THIRD lecture THIS TERM on A Vindication of the Rights of Women (Mary Wollstonecraft, I love you, but when you come up in almost ALL my courses, well then...) I stayed home and made Ned!icons instead.

I'm pretty sure Ned's popped-up collar jacket was the sexiest thing that's been on my TV in awhile, so to commemorate the awesomeness that it was, I made 26 (yep, 26!) icons of said collar and of Ned in it. These are the ways to be a happy fangirl.

Ned, Ned, Ned, NED! )

New episode of The Office tonight, directed by the master, Joss Whedon! Who has a new show coming out! WHEE!!!!!!!! (Please don't cancel it, FOX)


Oct. 8th, 2007 06:25 pm
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You guys, I was TOTALLY right! (Re: Joss and The Office = DANGER!)

Be afraid people, be very afraid.
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I'm so not getting tired of talking about The Office anytime soon.

According to OfficeTally (spoiler section, at the top of the page), our favourite King of The Nerds, Joss Whedon, will be directing another episode of The Office this year! Yay, isn't this exciting?! That's what I felt anyway, until I realized... Shoot! But Jim and Pam are together now! (Squee) That means:

-That they'll have sex, and then one of them will die!
-Or go evil!
-Or get impaled by something sharp and pointy!
-Or break up horribly in a sewer!
-Or they'll leave each other at the alter!
-Or realize that as a slayer and a vampire, their love can never be!

Shippers - this is bad news! The only way to get through the Joss episode is to hide our happy couple away somewhere he will NEVER FIND THEM. Like at Fox Studios.

He can toy with Michael in the meantime.

Also... Ryan. (Ooh, maybe he could fall on something sharp and pointy!)

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WOW. Joss+The Office squeeing )

I also watched some Buffy episodes today in preperation for Joss+The Office time and because of the awesome!Prof of awesome mentioned yesterday. I ended up popping in season five's "Checkpoint" and listening to the commentary on "I Was Made to Love You" (saddest robot death ever!) *glomps Jane Espenson*. Ah, the enjoyment - it's been so long since I watched Buffy. But I somehow forgot that IWMtLY immediately precedes "The Body" and the end is the teaser of that ep, leading to many woobly, weepy noises made by me and emphatic gesturing at the screen in abject distress. Joss killed me a lot with "The Body".

Anyway, on that happy note - icons! 10 icons from Buffy 5x12 'Checkpoint' )

Anyone else notice that Buffy has really great hair in that episode?
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It's amazing the kind of information you can find on the internet. Like this little gem:

I was reading Jenna Fischer's Myspace blog, (Yes, I read a celebrity blog. But if you have to read one, I do recommend Ms. Fischer's. She's funny and informative and seems very down to earth, which is a cliche, but one that really applies. Plus, she occasionally posts pictures of John Krasinski. *g*) and found out that...

Joss Whedon is directing an episode of The Office!

That's makes me so geekily excited! Joss! The Office! Together! Eee! I don't know when that episode is going to air yet, but I'll certainly be tuning in. (Not that I wouldn't be anyway, just, uh... now I'll be extra tuning in?)

To celebrate, here's some fun Office videos I found while trolling Youtube:

If The Office were a drama. I snorted. And guffawed. )

And for those JimandPamareOMGsocute!fans out there. Season three Pam and Jim meet Kermit. Feel free to squee. )

In other news, the DW/Firefly crossover that [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I are writing is coming along nicely. I even recently made some headway with the plot! Me! Plot! Together! ;) It still has a ways to go yet, but meanwhile I'm just really enjoying the process.

And a new episode of Battlestar tonight! More Lee and Kara will they/won't they sexual tension angst! More Laura Roslin/airlock OTP! w00t!

OMG, Joss + The Office.

ETA: Here's Joss' say on directing The Office from the Whedonesque board, and his rebuttal to Jenna Fischer's claim that he was "giggling like a little girl". *g*
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Wheeeeeeee, Joss loves Battlestar Galactica! My love is now justified, hip hip hoorah! (link courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] wisteria_)

Also, the fact that Dwight K. Schrute of The Office likes the BSG (he has a crush on Starbuck) is just cool.

Obsessed: check and check.
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I love the man. *LOVE* him. I mean seriously... do you think I could marry him? I don't mind sharing.


~Lost is on tonight~

P.S. Whedon rules.


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