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Oh my lord, it's November. How on earth did that happen? Despite this being the birthday month of many of my favourite people (*waves* y'all know who you are), I can't really claim in good faith that I enjoy this month. It kinda sucks. And if I disappear for vast tracks of time it's only because, like at all levels of university, grad school expects a lot of stuff of the written variety to come out of me this month. Sooooo that'll be fun. *glum!face*

But that's just boring and off-putting so let's move on.

Not quite finished, but...

You don't need to tell me how jealous my cute feet make you. I know. ;) Pattern!

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A girl at work yesterday told me that today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. So Xtiney, your scarf is coming to the museum with me today. Never underestimate my capacity for dorkiness. ;DDD

Also! Do not forget that Seeker Kink 2: Bigger, Better, Faster, Longer ficathon is now in session here at [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies! I haven't had a chance to give it more than a quick glance-over, but already it's looking more awesomer and sexplosive than it was before! If you're looking for me this evening, that's where I'll be.

And last but certainly not least... [livejournal.com profile] lily_268 wrote me Bridget/Craigy RPF and it was the Best Thing Ever. Next stop to Special Hell here I come! (Choo choo!)

Aaaaand now I better leave or I'm going to be late for work. Bye!
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So Legend of the Seeker episode 12 was ... )

Which leads me to talk about spoilers and speculation about the 1x13 promo )

Since the world is still spinning merry-go-round-like thanks to my wicked case of vertigo, I mostly sat around on my butt today. Finished a book (The Merlin Conspiracy. I &hearts Diana Wynne Jones and her crazy, crazy worlds), watched some of Our Mutual Friend again (which I've decided is definitely the Dickensian story of two awesome women, and three really creepy men), and, because I'm super cool, knitted a sock for Kermit 2.0

In't he sweet?

If I was smart, I would probably start thinking about what kind of school work I should get done this break but... I'm really rarely smart about these kind of things. Mmm... *stretches*... reading week. :D
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I went shopping this afternoon for the first time in FOREVER (thank you, government tax returns). Good times. I managed to find a sale, and got a hoodie, a shirt and leggings all for $30. So feeling good about that, I *somehow* managed to talk myself into going to the comic book store and buying Serenity: Better Days. Weird how that happens, huh? ;)

(Also, I know I love anthropomorphizing my iPod's [Kermit!] shuffle, but whilst in the comic store, it decided to be extra nerdy, and flipped between the Doctor Who and Battlestar soundtracks, and The Humans are Dead. The big geek.)

Anywho, now I think I'll pop in some Supernatural DVDs and finish a pair of socks for the roomie. It's funny how a show I was highly sceptical of at first has now become my de facto knitting entertainment. But I think it's because I have the excuse of knitting furiously through all the scary bits. ...And the boys are pretty. *G*
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You know. It's those useful and oft-times creative and/or time consuming things you do to avoid the thing you really should be doing. Like cleaning, instead of reading. Or in my case - knitting.

But aren't they CUTE? And very useful, I swear. (From this pattern.) The drop we've had in temperature lately (which, BTW, *not* impressed) reminded me of one of my main problems in winter that, thanks to my very poor circulation, I get ICICLE fingers for 99% of the time. And this is especially true during all that typing I have to do for various papers and the like. Essay prep for me usually involves filling up a hot water bottle I can alternate sticking my hands under. So really, I'm just being practical. And thinking ahead! For all that work I have to do...

*hides my knitted TARDIS project*

Anyway, one other good thing that's come out of the sudden cold? I finally got to break out the flannel jammies again. AND THEY ARE AWESOMELY COMFORTABLE.

*snuggles gleefully*

They've got little pine trees on them. And little moose. You know that means warmth and quality. :DDD
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I'm flying to Toronto tomorrow (at 6:00 am - oy freaking gevalt) and among many other fun family activities, I'll be going to my cousin's baby shower. And today I realized that I should actually contribute something to the party. So I tried my hand at baby booties:

Isn't it sweet? New favourite thing about baby clothes? They're small. This thing only took about two hours to finish.

So that's probably enough procrastination for one day: I should really go pack. Though I could make the other one. I mean, it's not like I expect my cousin to have a one-footed baby!

...Don't tell her I said that.

ETA: Number two booty done! And yeah. I really should start packing now.
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... my Battlestar Galactica DVDs. Because mixing up my sci-fi is fun. (And because my sister has the Firefly DVDs. *grumble*)


I'm very pleased about my productivity. I mean -- I suppose I could be using this week's break to kick-start all my essays, but really, this is probably a better use of my time. ;)

Xtine, I'll get it to you soon!
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The two noms I was most rooting for, Diablo Cody for Best Screenplay and Once's "Falling Slowly" for Best Song, won, so I am very happy. Good job, academy.

Got about three more inches on the Jayne Hat done while watching, and I'm pretty much a knitting superstar. And I got to dress up for my friend's birthday last night, and from the photos I've seen, I looked hawt. *g*

Alrighty, too much alcohol and too little sleep in the past two nights. Goodnight, lovelies.
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Thanks to hours of Supernatural DVDs to keep me on track, and this handy dandy tutorial, I've now finished knitting my first pair of socks!

And yes, I know they're different colours, it's not a colourblind thing. It was personal and artistic choice. Also, I ran out of yellow wool.

I turn out well, don't I? (okay, really bad joke)

~Ooh, gusset~

TA DA! And yes, I also knit that blanket. It's a WIP. A WIP of... seven or eight years. ;)

I think this also illustrates how much I hate doing laundry, as I seem far more willing to knit myself a whole new pair of socks rather than just wash the ones I already have. Oh well!

*wiggles toes*

Next job: Jayne hat for [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate. I just need to figure out the math. Fudging gauges can be a real bitch. So math. For an Arts major. Er.


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