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-It's nice watching the Leafs win for once (with my new CBC access! W00t!), even if I know that somewhere [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar is gritting her teeth and cursing my name for mentioning it (*waves* ILU!). STILL, they really suck now hardly ever do well, so it's refreshing. Especially if one *cough*is actually a born-and-bred Torontonian*cough*. Now if they could actually make the playoffs for once...

-Against my better judgement, I've started to watch the new season of LOST. The letters W, T and F still at the forefront of my viewing experience. Seriously - all I want out of the show is one more Jack/Kate make-out session. Is that really too much to ask AFTER FOUR YEARS? I should really just wait for the DVDs and save myself the trouble. Too bad I don't have the self-control.

-I just watched someone stamp out "I ♥ YOU BECCA" in the snow outside my building. It's really adorable. Real life wins the cute award tonight.
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So my phone and Internet that were supposed to be hooked up on the 20th, still do not work. It was installed on Thursday like it was supposed to be, and heck! It even worked for a few hours. But then the phone line went dead, and without a phone line there is no internet and blah blah blah blah blah blah. No connection for me. Oh – and the fun part is, we were supposed to have a repair person come in Sunday afternoon to fix the problem, but he apparently showed up an hour before he was supposed to and well gosh, I wasn’t there (I was at church. Sue me) and now we can’t get another appointment until Wednesday.


I feel about ready to kick Aliant (that’s ‘Bell’ to those of you west of New Brunswick) really hard in their metaphorical nuts. If my apartment building didn’t have pretty darn good student deals with them, I’d definitely switch to Eastlink. As it is, I’m seriouly considering it.

So that’s my rant of the past couple weeks. You know, I had a really smooth move, I love my new apartment (so big and pretty!) I’m getting along with my roommate, classes are great, but this one thing… GAH! *breathes* I always appreciated a fast internet connection but uh… now I appreciate it more. A lot more. A LOT.

(I should mention – this post is being entirely written in a word document, which I [pray] will then upload to the beloved LJ without much fuss. I’m currently trying to send an e-mail to my sister using the corner of fervid prayer. It’s… not going well.)

Moving aside from the self-pity for one moment though (what, I can do it) I miss fandom! And especially I miss fic. But despite missing it, I haven’t been especially interested in reading most of it anymore (I’m sure the fact that it takes a HUGE amount of effort to get to the fic in the first place doesn’t – Right, no more self-pity) and I REALLY can’t seem to write it anymore. Poo. So instead I think I’m going to take up that meme that was circulating a LONG time ago, about posting some of the loose ends fic that people have lying around in their harddrive. Because I have a lot of it. I should know. It’s what I’ve been doing in my internetless spare time. That, and making my computer read aloud Shakespearian sonnets in that Robo-voice they can do. Really, I think he could have a career in the theatre. He’s starting to really get a hold of that iambic pentameter.

ANYway (*g*), here is the cream of the crop of my rejected!fic. And I won’t lie, most of it wasn’t posted for a reason. But it’s all I have right now.

So, here’s some drabbles and fragments from Firefly, Farscape, LOST, The Office and even Harry Potter. (I know, who knew?) Oh, and one very embarrassing kid!fic that, despite the obvious kid content, I think is actually pretty well written (In that overly sweet, give you cavities way.) So I’m still hiding it in the rejected!fic post. ;)

Farscape Drabble )
Firefly Fragments )
Office Drabble )
Harry Potter Drabble )
Lost Drabble )
Firefly Drabble )

Hopefully, I’ll have actually internet by Wednesday. Here’s hoping. And praying. And making sacrifices to the Internetz Gods.

…I’m not desperate.
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For [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and all those happily suffering from Nathan!Syndrome, (you know who you are) I present to you my first (but hopefully not last) Nathan picspam! So without further ado:

Spoilery for those who care. Sara, I'm looking at you )

Apologies are due to Nathan Fillion for the blatant objectifying of his pretty. He is, of course, talented in many other ways that don't all have to do with that crinkly eye-smile thing and other things of that ilk. Somehow though, I don't think he'd mind too much if the focus swings one way. ; )

Hmm, I did enjoy that part of the ep. And notice how I'm not mentioning other certain things that may have happened? Not that I care...
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I've been reading some of the Farscape recaps over at Television Without Pity and I must say, they are really, really cool. The recapper, Jacob, has a lovely way with words, very poetic in a way, and has a very nice approach to the Farscape-meta. It's the kind of stuff that I would never think of after watching an episode, but is not over my head either. It's just nifty and some good food for thought. And I don't know if there are really any Scapers out there to relate to me on this topic, but I really love the show. It's a hell of a good time and the more I read about it over at TWOP, the more I'm enjoying it. I gotta watch me some episodes again.

Also happily ignoring the major essays that are looming nearer and nearer, I've been watching some of the first season of LOST during the past week or so, and may I just say, I *love* first season LOST. I love what they were doing with the show, all the character interactions (Jack and Kate - being interesting and likeable!) and the monster and the CRAZY without getting bogged down in all the connections they are now trying to make with everyone. Ugh, and the smalller cast! And I still enjoy the show now, it just doesn't have the same feel, you know? Plus it looks like Sawyer and Kate are going to be doing the horizontal mambo (well, vertical actually) next week which, well, kinda sucks. *sigh* Ah, first season...

The Office is back tonight! I can't wait for Michael to make a fool of himself during Diwali. It's going to be a wonderful trainwreak. ; )
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So I've made good use of my brain cells this week. Except by made good use of, I of course mean the exact opposite of what I just said.

Yep. It's one of those weeks.

Anywho, I thought I'd share some lovely and edifying entertainment, courtesy of the beloved YouTube, that I have enjoyed this week.

First up: Crazy Frog Bros. You really gotta admire the commitment here. And the intensity. And the fact that the kid in the back looks exactly like a twelve year-old version of my friend, Steve. Complete with dance moves.

And also: Blow that Funky Horn Now this is just fricken' impressive! I wish I had skills like that. Then I would definitely blow this popsicle stand and launch myself into that world I know is out there. You know, that one beyond university.

And lastly, a meme, stolen from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] otahyoni. Soundtrack of my life )

And lastly...lastly -- LOST is a screwy psychadelic trip and yet, I still love it. I wonder what that says about me? But snarky!Charlie is always worth tuning in for.

"The trees? Yeah, I hear they're great conversationalists."

So, what do you say, brain... bed?
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All together now:


Alright, I did have an awesome time watching the finale over at Sara's house; arguing over the betterness (that's a word now) of Jack vs. Sawyer, giggling over the Scottishness of Desmond, lamenting the craziness of Locke (He's totally of his rocker) and worrying over Charlie's (Hobbit!) safety. It was a lot of fun. Lost should definitely be watched with one or two other people who enjoy it and are actually interested in the storyline, as opposed to in a room with a bunch of first year guys who couldn't care less and would rather talk about football. Not that Im talking from experience. Or anything.

But man! What a cliffhanger! Which, to be fair, I totally expected. And I actually wasn't as affected by the cliffhangerness as I was last year, whether that be because I really wasn't as invested in the show as I was last year or that I was totally prepared for that kind of a cliffhanger or whatever. But I did enjoy it and now really, really want to see the third season. Now please. How about now?


And we got a PB&J smoochie! Aw, it was so sweet. Though is it just me or have Charlie's reactions seemed a bit odd lately? Not in a 'he's back on the smack' odd, but just slightly off. I dunno, it's weird. Ooh, and how much did I love Jack and Kate's final sharing of A Look? Yeah, I know I'm pathetic, but - SQUEE! Besides, you take what you can on this show.

And now on to next year: The Others reveal their new Island casino and Desmond, Locke and Eko get matching hatch tatooes on their hineys.

Can't wait.
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And again I say with relish:


Poor Ana-Lulu. *shakes head*

...and I never thought I'd be saying that.

Man, this show is just one big mind fuck after another. I say keep 'em coming. What's a wednesday night without a good mind fuck?

And now I shall rest and wake up healthy tomorrow.

Healthy I say!
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I think my level of nerdness has just quadrupled (I recognized him pretty darn quickly) but... Scorpius! On LOST! So cool!

Luckily I've been watching some Farscape episodes lately or I probably wouldn't have recognized him sans scary!makeup+coolantsuit. Oh Farscape -- how I love your wacked out craziness. We had some great times together. Obviously this can only mean one thing for LOST though: ... the island's down a wormhole.

And for my shipper heart tonight: JackandKatecaughtinnetofiniquity!!!!!!! A new *squee* point for all fans! They're just so darn cute. And always interrupted! Darn you LOST writers! Yep, I've definitely jumped back on this ship.

In other "real life" news -- I never realized just how much darn stuff I had until I packed it all. But no matter -- tomorrow I am home!
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So good (finally!) did not see coming AHHHH - Henry!other Jack/Kate too cute and I liked her hair - "Why don't I go get a ruler?" BWA HA HA HA! Sayer pwn'd like a n00b, parachute but not, Sayid is teh yummy, ahh yay! I'm glad I tuned in again tonight, because, unlike the most of the episodes so far this season, it was definitely worth watching. And on to next week!

Yup, that's all I've got to say.
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Well... at least LOST was interesting tonight. spoiler cut just in case )

Did anyone else notice the huge amount of cowboy talk in tonight's episode? Gave me happy Firefly memories, which probably had something to do with watching Serenity (pilot, not movie) with Robyn and Virginia earlier. Good times. Did I ever mention how much I love Mal? 'Cause I do.

A lot.
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Unimpressed yet again.

I miss when Lost was good and engaging and it drove me crazy week to week because I couldn't WAIT to see what would happen next week. Now it's just... *sigh* I don't really care that much. The most worked up I got was when Sawyer and Kate were being all flirty -- and even then all I could muster was a half-hearted: "Hey, stop that." Oh, and then Sawyer made another Star Wars reference (the big nerd). WHY ISN'T LOST GOOD ANYMORE? WHY? WHY!?

In other news, I just finished a massive Scrubs marathon of watching the first four seasons in about four days and my love has been rekindled. Well, it was rekindled when the new season started but now it's re-rekindled. Scrubs is awesomely funny, oddly enough the most realistic portrayel of a hospital (if you don't count the crazy staff, or maybe that makes it more true) and it stars the whitest, geekiest, biggest adam's apple ever owning guy. I love J.D. A lot. A LOT! I bet if he wasn't fictional I would totally get over my fear of relationships and jump his bones. True enough, that was a really weird thing to say, but meh... I like 'em nerdy. And I really want J.D. and Elliot to just work out all their weird craziness about each other and finally have an actual relationship. 'Cause that would be fun and if nothing else, they deserve each other. Ooh, and Dr. Cox and Jordan are awesome.

Stupid Lost, maybe I'll rewatch the first season and remind myself why it was so amazing last year. But I kinda feel like just passing out instead. Hello bed.


Jan. 11th, 2006 11:53 pm
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...has not been overly impressing me as of late.

While I think it's great that the tailies are providing a neat, new elemant to the island and to what we understand about it, the fact that they all seem to get their own episodes while there are still eleven original characters just boggles me. What about Claire? Or Sawyer? Sayid, Sun, Hurley - heck, even Jack! Yeah, I know the man seems to get more than his fair share of back story episodes, but - correct me if I'm wrong - Jack always seemed to me like the central character, the character that the audience related their experience through, and having him show up briefly for two non-scenes just doesn't cut it for me. I really think the show is stretching itself too thin, I'd love to get back some of the focus and intensity that we got in the first season; to me, that drove the show, not the: "hey look at all the crazy connections we can make with our castaways to the island, wheeeeeee!"

On the other hand, I did squee at the Hurley/Libby "let me help you make your shelter (of lurve)" tidbit near the end. Oh, and: "What are you going to do, beat me with your Jesus stick?"

Oh, Charlie *shakeshead*
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Mee hee hee, My day has come!

I knew that shamelessly shipping Jack and Kate for so long would pay off in the hand end, 'cause - HA! They get a smoochie session next week as shown in the Canadian trailer. Whoopie! Of course, there is that 'WTF have I done' look on Kate's face when she pulls back, but I choose to ignore that and instead cackle in my own self-satisfaction. Mee hee hee!

By the by, loved the episode and I think I've fallen in love with Sayid again. Guh, he's so heartbreaking and, and... why Shannon?! Gotta say that I'm feeling more and more sympathetic towards Ana Lucia, though I knew that as soon as I saw her in that bar at the end that she was going to take her own revenge. Feels like the season's starting to pick up again. Yay, on to next week!
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So, Lost episode last night, here be my thoughts:
... And Found )
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Lost tonight made me SQUEE with shipper!joy and Hurley!joy and baby!joy and Vincent!joy and Bernard!joy and it was sooooooo good and happyifying. Yay! I don't usually feel this good after an episode, as I am left with a feeling a frustration that I can't find out what happens until the next week - this episode, I think I can last it. And welcome back to the End of Episode Montage!

In other news, life's pretty good and I've got readings to do. Same old, same old.
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Good episode, I won't say too much except that I think that Kate/Jack as my favourite pairing has now been replaced by Kate/chocolate. Sorry Jack, but it was meant to be.

Also, Michael and ickle!Walt -- *MUMPH* (that is the sound one makes when one is trying to suppress tears of cuteness)


Sep. 21st, 2005 11:15 pm
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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! LOST!!!!!!!
...What the hell????!!!!!

My brain feels like it's being toyed with.
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Wow, this has been a long stretch between updates, but to be fair, I have been busy. Since posting last, I've finished my last session at camp, finished post camp, went home to Toronto for two days, drove down to Halifax, spent two days there avec la famille, moved into residence, started frosh week (which is insane by the way), met a bunch of people; some old but mostly new, and finally started classes yesterday. And now its the weekend... Woo hoo! Somewhere in betwen, I did manage to find the time to write, you guessed it, another Jack/Kate ficlet, inspired somewhat by Lost Season 1 on DVD! (Which I now own by the by - ha ha Mimi!) I think I should compile all the ones I've written thus far, either that or get a life, its a hard choice.

Exodus Coda )

Well, that's it for now, I'll try to post again soon, but for now, party on!


Jul. 31st, 2005 06:34 pm
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So, I've been sick for the past week or so and since I've gotten home my parents have both entertained the idea that I have pneumonia and now I get to go to the hospital because my doctor's away for the holiday weekend. Whoopie. Thus, I wrote Lost Fic, Yay! Kinda random, yeah, but my brain makes strange connections. ~350 words, not mine all J.J.'s. etc, etc

He was hunched over beside the tree coughing his lungs out and she frowned to see him like that once again )

Oh yeah, Sara came over to see me today and we had nerdy Firefly fun. Yay!
Ooh, I also forgot to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!
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Here's another J/K ficlet, no title as of yet
(meaning it'll probably never get one), very tame,
very melodram. Enjoy!

Voila )


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