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Like these things hang out in the train station:

Any guesses?

They put vacuum cleaners on display?

I feel this would serve better purpose in my flat.

And, um, gallery cohesion???

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? YES! And also an elephant!

But in all seriousness, I had a super fun time in Glasgow today. Kelvingrove Museum gets an A++ from me--I loved the gallery themes, especially where they explored function and design concepts. Hence the gowns and racing car sharing space. I got to tour the new storage sites of staff offices as well, which are super new and fancy and ideal from a museum studies pov. Unfortunately, they're all out in the outskirts of the city, and all the staff have to work there off site from the actual gallery. Which if you compare the lovely setting of Kelvingrove park, to... no name business park of sketchiness--is basically a real bummer! But! Just about any museum anywhere would pull their eyeteeth for their storage space. So win-some lose-some I guess.

That was just a whole wack of museum geekery I just dumped on you, hmm LJ?

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Because, yes, I still do watch it. (Seems silly not to when I have ready access to the BBC and a flattie who's a fan.) And because everyone else is doing it. And because it was beautiful.

Vincent! )
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Hello, lj land! Been a busy week for me (DID I MENTION I'M IN EDINBURGH FOR THREE MONTHS) but in a nutshell it's going pretty spectacularly.

Check out my gallery! (And by "mine" I suppose I mean the gallery I'm doing my internship at but... no, it's mine. *g*)

ISN'T IT PRETTY? And now have a (pretty bad but still impressive) picture of Edinburgh Castle. CASTLE! I HAVE A CASTLE! (Yes, I'm taking possession of everything in Edinburgh. Deal with it, Scotland.)

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Oh Bones. This was a fun episode. Not really my favourite, but it was about museums, so that made me pretty excited. (And yes, I guess you could argue that all the episodes are about museums as they take place AT one, but... this was better!) Anyway... grant disputes, repatriation, and interns--OH MY! ;)

Bits of the episode that stuck out, aka, watch me put my education to a trivial and awesome use )
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The thing I love about grad school is that we get show and tell. No, seriously.

Today, our guest speaker was a man named Jowy Taylor, who has created a guitar made from 63 different pieces of Canadian heritage, from all across the country. His goal has (succesfully) been to take the guitar all across the country and the world, and expand the scope of symbols we identify as quintessentially Canadian. Check out the website for more info: http://www.sixstringnation.com/. It's so cool, it's got pieces of the Bluenose in it, of Pier 21 (yay!), Trudeau's canoe paddle, Louis Riel's schoolhouse, caribou bones, bagle racks from Montreal, a seat in Massey Hall, and tonnes more. And so many people have played it (or at least have held it) now as well; from Bruce Cockburn, to Stompin' Tom, to Feist, to Hawksley Workman, politicians from all parties (though apparently Gilles Duceppe wouldn't go near it *g*) and ordinary people all around. I played G - A - D very quickly before passing it off to the next person. ;) But there you go, our piece of cultural history for the day.

And in more show and tell news, my homework for Friday's Collections Management class is to photograph 12 objects I would put in a museum of myself. Show and tell! You just ignore the four hours of reading time I clocked in at the library today, and it's just like kindergarten!
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Whee, first day of school! (okay, well, registration) Still, I feel about five-years-old with the excitement of it. QUICK, SOMEONE HELP ME PICK OUT AN OUTFIT.

I also just found out: AHHH, THE KING TUT EXHIBIT IS COMING TO TORONTO'S AGO IN NOVEMBER!!!! Yes, I already have my ticket. :D This year is going to be good to me, mega museum geek wise.
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What a great day for my work today! This morning the Prime Minister was here to announce our museum's new status as Canada's National Immigration Museum--we're only the second museum outside Ottawa to be given national status, so obviously it's been quite a big coup for us all who work here. And the PM gave quite a good speech despite being a waxy, shellac-haired, kitten eating robot! Please check it out here if you're interested in watching the speech. (Yes, we clapped a LOT.)

Darryl Dexter, the new (first ever NDP) premier of Nova Scotia was here as well, though he unfortunately didn't make a speech--coming from strong socialist roots, I was really more interested to see him than the Tory PM. AND the Lieutenant Governor was here (I like her), and all in all it was just really excitiing! And I'm so proud of my museum. Even if I've only worked here for a month, I've really gotten to appreciate the important stories we're telling.


ETA: Ooh, and I think I just saw myself on the news for about 1 second! HUZZUH, I'M FAMOUS. ;D
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Whew, another week of work down, and I have the actual weekend weekend off! (I work 4 days on, 2 days off shifts, so sometimes my "weekend" is actually the middle of the week.) I finally started giving tours this week as well, which was a little nervewracking at first, but I think it's gone really well so far! It seems that as long as you have a uniform, and speak with some authority, people will believe just about anything you tell them! ;D We've also had to work around a film crew for the last few days who have been doing location shots in our museum. Quite interesting, however inconvenient: for a while today they blocked the ONLY BATHROOMS and the escalator, but c'est la vie, le art will out, etc. etc. And if down the line you ever find yourself watching an obscure German film called Two Sisters about a woman who works in an anthropology museum in Boston--THAT'S US! (And yes. A German film, set in Boston, being filmed in Halifax. I don't even know.)

Now I feel there's a lot I should catch up with, O Beloved Flist Of Mine! Don't forget that [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies's Second Kinkathon is still going strong! I've already written one thing over there andomgitsrpfspecialhellhereicomechoochoo and hopefully I'll get to add some more this weekend!

Great things in BBC land! The Supersizers Eat... has finally come back after a year, and Sue and Giles are as side-splittingly hilarious as ever. Especially last ep with Sue's impression of an Eighties Sloane Girl. Flipping priceless. :DDD Casualty 1909 has also graced us with its presence. I love it, the show's like ER, but British and set in the past! Win-win-win combination, I say.

Also keeping me occupied are my Little Dorrit DVDs that finally arrived, yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Remember last December when I promised I would stop obsessing after the last episode aired? LIES. )

I also managed to find The Detective Murdoch Mysteries on DVD which makes me very happy, as it is both a) the first thing I ever saw Keeley Hawes in, cue ginormous girlcrush, and b) A decently done costume drama set in Toronto (Hyper-Cheesy CBC series, take note)! That never happens! And it's so exciting to have a city you know be recreated in the past like that, recognizing street names, and going "ooh, I've been there!" I mean, I have been to London, where 99% of costume dramas seem to take place, but there is a big difference between the familiarity of three days versus seventeen years. ;)

Aaaaand that's about it for now in the life and times of my working world and television consumption. Onward, weekend!
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Hello internet!

I've got four days of work under my belt now, and I think it's going well! Very museum-y. Lots of history. I'm quite pleased.

And the Chief Justice of Canada was there yesterday and I got to give her a mock-Immigration Interrogation! I asked her if she was smuggling any sausages into the country. Yes, you read that right. ;DDD


Ashes to Ashes 2x07 )

And speaking of my ol' friend Auntie Beeb, I thought both the second series of The Supersizers Go... and Casualty 1909 were supposed to air this May. And they didn't! What's up with that? Stop boinging me around like a yoyo, BBC. It isn't nice. :(

But in happier news The Summer '09 Buffy Marathon continues to go swimmingly! Though I've realized that watching season six with two squeeful Buffy/Spike fangirls is just a *titch* tiresome. Afraid my eyes are gonna get stuck in a permanently rolled sort of position. ;P
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Huzzuh! I am gainfully employed at Pier 21 (Canada's Immigration Museum) starting tomorrow! Eep! and even though I've been waiting over a month for this, it suddenly seems very sudden. Oh well. I'm sure they'll tell me what my actual job responsibilities are eventually (I'm in "visitor services"). And then they'll give me money! And I can buy pretty things! / Pay for food and rent! Yaaaaaay!

(Oh, and if [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl or [livejournal.com profile] ohvienna come looking for me, do NOT tell them where I am *g*)
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Ahhh, so much real life happenings! It's so distracting! I just got back from a job interview at Pier 21 (CANADA'S IMMIGRATION MUSEUM - the caps are apparently very necessary) which went well I think, so hopefully the summer job thing will be taken care of. I've been out two nights in a row which is ca-razy for me, but what with school drawing to a close and everyone off in all different directions (*sniff*) 'tis the season for partying. I've also got two exams later this week that need studying at some point, the sister is coming down to visit on Friday, a friend of my parents really wants me to fill out an application for Massey College for U of T-bound me so we'll see how that goes, and oh yeah, IT IS GORGEOUS OUT, SUNNY AND WARM, AND I WANT TO RUN SINGING THROUGH A FIELD SOMEWHERE. :DDD


And of course there's always the TV in my life. Tonight's episode of Chuck looks hyperventilatingly good (pleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelled), ASHES TO ASHES IS BACK, and, most importantly, [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies's Desperately Seeking Seeker Kink Ficathon is is full swing, and I have to post at some point because nekkid Richard and Kahlan make my world go round.

How's everyone else doing?
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Seriously? Applying to grad school is scary. There are all these forms! And they want references and essays and money and *eeps* *buries head in sand*. And I still have to finish my current degree. Isn't there someone you can hire to do all the applying for you? ;)

(But I still so, so want to get into this program. Museums! Wheeeeeeee!)
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The Butterfly House at the museum where I've been volunteering is going to close this coming Monday. So I thought I'd share some pics (while I still can) of the pretties I've been hanging out with this summer.

Aw. I'm going to miss them when they're gone. They were good company. :D
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Been a couple days - unusual for my August posting frenzy this year. Still, I'm back in Toronto, lounging, reading Calvin and Hobbes books and generally basking in my family's attentions. When they're, you know, here. They all seem to be out right now. Oh well!

Later this afternoon, the sister and I are going to the ROM (free students day, FTW!) which should be fun, huge museum geek that I am. If anyone's interested, there was a really good article in the magazine Toronto Life (which, sorry I can't find a link for), talking about what's gone wrong with the ROM's new reno (aka the huge crystal monstrosity that sticks up awkwardly out a beautiful turn-of-the-century stone building and that makes up for it with poor layout, crappy workmanship and a really horrible use of space for the exhibits.) Er... I have many Opinions about the ROM these days. ;)

I'm still deep into my Robin Hood renaissance, which is, despite my reassurances (mostly to myself) that I'm not bitter anymore, I think more like a strange version of masochism than anything else. I'll be sitting there, really enjoying an episode for its cheesy goodness, when suddenly I remember: "Oh, except it's all for nothing because then they kill Marian." (I never think of Guy as killing her. It's always "they" - writers, producers, showrunners, etc. Strange that.) And then I watch another episode. The ending of "Who Shot the Sheriff" gave me a big lump in my throat. (Watch the end.)

Marian, watching the villagers crowd around Robin in gratitude.
MARIAN: He has to have the glory, doesn't he?
MUCH: Glory? Nah. I think he just wants to be loved.
And then Robin catches Marian's eyes and they smile at each other. AND THE MUSIC SWELLS AND THE PICTURE GOES BLACK AND WHITE AND SEE? IT KILLS ME.

Robin Hood was so lovely. Okay, and uber cheesy and silly, but it was all part of its charm. I don't know why they'd give all that up just to be "shocking".

Anyway, the sun is out, and I should probably go enjoy the outside space while I have it. Toronto is unbelievably green and pretty right now, but I feel a little bad for all the rain they've had to endure to get it that way. But it is also kinda exciting! All the thunderstorms - we don't really get them in Halifax. And I get dirty looks for saying that around my family.

But one more thing: [livejournal.com profile] otahyoni linked to this first, and I just... er... wanted to too. ;) New Office Commercial: Dwight's Olympic Centathlon!. Epicly good. *G*
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Happy New Year! I'm a little late on the uptake, but I seem to have been busy/disinclined to post in the last couple of days - squeezing the last few days of the holiday for their full enjoyment capacity (this involves a lot of sleeping-in and watching Bones DVDs with my Mum and sister), then flying back to Halifax tomorrow afternoon. AND THEN CLASSES START AFRESH ON MONDAY. NEW HISTORY COURSES. WITH BIG PAPERS. WOE. WHERE DID MY VACATION GO?

But I have had a pretty great last few days. I was up at my cottage over New Year's, visiting one of my best friend, who I hardly get to see anymore. And northern Ontario is beautiful at this time of the year. Snow everywhere. Snow, trees, lake. Beautiful. And then I got to revisit the ROM and while I have ISSUES with the new addition (it's ugly, doesn't look that well built, poor use of space, lighting is... weird) museums are my FAVOURITE things in the world. And I just kept telling myself that when I work there in the near to distant future (that's before I move on to run the British Museum, by the by) I will fix things. *nods*

Hmm... some other random assorted things:

Robin Hood spoilers )

And now I need some new BBC to fill in until Who starts! Maybe I'll have to give Torchwood another chance. Spike (and Martha!) will be there, so... We'll see.

BUT HO MAN, I MISS PUSHING DAISIES. Like a missing piece of my soul! Or something slightly less melodramatic. But really, how can they introduce Ned and Chuck into my life and then just take them away! NOT FAIR. PLEASE PAY THE WRITERS ALREADY. Though I did have the brilliant idea of having a PD party where everyone dons splendid dresses and heels รก la Chuck (or Olive if that's more your bent) and bakes pies and eats the pies and goes out a-searching for Lee Pace. And then maybe we could drink something out of flutes to take the edge off our Strike pain. Best party ever?

That's about it for now, my lovely peoples. 2008 will have plenty more exciting things to post about, I'm sure. Though I might be writing history papers while it happens. ;)


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