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I need art in my apartment and am going to paint all so many quotes from The Office to just look like inspirational quotes.

I am Beyoncé always.

“Its Britney bitch”

Dwight you ignorant slut

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica

Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever. No matter what, no matter where, or who… or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you’ve been… ever, for any reason, whatsoever.

You don’t even know my real name. I’m the fucking lizard king.

TUNA!!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME????!?!?!?!

I hate… so much, about the things you choose to be.

lord beer me strength
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The Office - 606 - "The Lover"

Absolutely brilliant. I haven't laughed that much over an episode in a WHILE. Almost everyone got their moment to shine, really felt like old times. Conquacklulations, Office writers. :D The short list of things I loved )
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Ha, ha. Oh lord. Okay, based on THIS SPOILER FOR THE OFFICE, I just had to write a little closing scene for my best guess at what will happen.

Speculation ficlet for 6x09 )

Remember folks, you saw it here first! ;D
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Damn it, Jim.

I am so getting suckered in.
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Any Office fans out there having a bad day? THIS'LL CHEER YOU UP!

Season Six Spoilers. Of the photographic variety. )
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THE OFFICE FINALE! Nina, you out there? HOLD ME! *G* 'Company Picnic' )
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I have to say: waiting four and a half hours for the Superbowl to end and The Office to start? Totally worth it. I've missed episodes like that.

(But despite having absolutely no interest in sports and even less in football, for the past three years running the team I arbitrarily pick to cheer for on the way over has won. SO YAY!)

And now I really should be in bed, despite all the pop and sugar sloshing around in me suggesting otherwise. Class tomorrow and all that. Sleep necessary. So here I go.

Though I suppose I could just check my flist quickly...
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Gah! *hides under blankets* It's -22?! (-31 with windchill) THAT IS NOT ON. WESTERN CANADA, I DO NOT WANT YOUR WEATHER. THERE IS A REASON I MOVED BESIDE AN OCEAN.

But to combat the cold, let me give you a break down of the clothes I wore last night (when I was walking at max. two blocks but shh!):
-Fire engine red tights
-Blue sweatpants
-brown long sleeve t-shirt
-Pumpkin orange sweatshirt
-Purple hat and coat
Yeah, the cold exacerbates my colourblindness. ;)

And now I think I will hide out in bed until I have to go to class. And watch The Office. Again. Spoilers for 5x11 )

24 icons

Jan. 1st, 2009 05:08 pm
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I last posted icons in September. Wow. Maybe my other resolution should be to make more icons. Or do more fandom things in general. Because I really need to talk about television more than I already do. ;)

[1-4] Ashes to Ashes
[5-6] Chuck
[7-9] Little Dorrit
[10-13] Pushing Daisies
[14-17] Supernatural
[18-22] The Office
[23-24] Wonderfalls

More here )
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Toronto is rainy and vaguely warmish, so pretty much like Halifax. I'm driving to Ottawa tomorrow with my cousin (we'll be there for about an hour, see my friend, pick up my other cousin and the baby, and then drive back, oy gevalt) so I hope that I'll at least get to glimpse snow there! But there's still 10 days until Christmas, so I'm optimistic that some fluffy white stuff will show up before then. This is the only time of year I'm partial towards snow, winter! Don't disappoint me now.

You remember how nearly a year ago now, the Robin Hood writers decided to be "shocking" and kill off Marian? Yeah. Well, every time I feel I've pretty much come to terms with it, I let myself go and watch old episodes, and read fic, and then get really irrationally upset again. IT WAS SO GOOD (especially all the fic). AND IT WAS FUN. AND REALLY, REALLY ROMANTIC AND HOT AND LOVELY (cuz have you seen Jonas and Lucy?) AND THEN THEY RUINED IT. AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

And now it's got me wondering if it's why I'm so reluctant to watch Merlin. Because I've been burned by cheesy, horribly anachronistic, retellings of British legends before, and oh yes, they start all sweet and innocent and we-would-never-do-anything-see-how-fun-and-non-serious-we-are-here-have-a-unicorn AND THEN THEY BREAK YOUR HEART. (Not to scare off any Merlin fans, I really hope you keep enjoying it. And I'm sure the BBC would never take another something silly and fun and effervescent and then... You know this totally doesn't work 'cause y'all are Who fans too. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. BE PREPARED.)

So Robin Hood heartbreak still in place? Check. Tried to turn to Life on Mars for a balm, but then of course you have the Ashes to Ashes Spoilers ).

So I could turn to American television, except The Office has been kind of disappointing of late, and Chuck is sweet and fun but nothing too substantial and Pushing Daisies is WONDERFUL and is better and better with each episode but I can't watch it now without constantly reminding myself that its expiry date is completely un-cheeto like and is instead fast-approaching.

SO... Robin Hood breaks my heart, Life on Mars just makes me wibbly, American tv is a wash, Slings and Arrows is over and done so let's not get into the Canadian options, and REALLY IS IT ANY WONDER I CONSTANTLY CYCLE BACK TO MINISERIES AND YES THAT MEANS OH, MR. CLENHAM, I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Yeah that whole "I'm not going to talk about Little Dorrit anymore after it finishes" was a total lie.

The obvious solution would be to give up on tv all together but... pfft. Like that's going to happen. ;) No, I'll just read more fic, and watch Robin/Marian scenes of awesome super-spyness, and remember that when it was good, it was good.

(And fervently hope that Jonas and Lucy have future projects together, with 100% more hot make-outs and 100% less stupid death. *G*)

high kicks

Dec. 5th, 2008 09:19 am
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Yeah, so I'm back to talking about Little Dorrit again.

Episode 11 )

One thing I'm confused about: the show usually airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but this week the Beeb website says the episode is airing tonight. But it says Scotland only. Does that mean we, the general public downloaders and hackers of iPlayer excellence, won't get episode 12 this week? And if so, when is it airing?? I WANT IT NOW.

Wow, this week has made me whiny. *g*

And Pushing Daisies was excellent! (obligatory why-oh-why moment) Olive just... Kristin Chenoweth is my hero. Going head to head with Muffin Buffalo (who seems to have had success outside the trailer park) and singing and detecting and... Emerson! And Lily! And Chuck--oh, it's all so fantastic and cliff-hangy and I want more.
Though you know really my favourite part was the plastic-wrapped spooning. ;)

The Office was so-so for this episode, but I did get a kick out of Dwight's wedding plans. Yeah. Like that was going to go over well.


ETA: BWA. Now I feel vindicated: BBC Receives Thousands of Complaints After Dropping Little Dorrit for Shannon Matthews documentary (as in, not cancelled, just pre-empted) AND TOO RIGHT TOO. I kind of love how the rest of the article is one big complaint about the Beeb's scheduling shenanigans. *firm nod*

Now... where's my Episode 12??!!
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I'm going through my yearly Farscape Renaissance right now, which, funnily enough, usually coincides with the busiest time in my school year. But no matter! For this show is pretty, and witty, and crazy, and fun, and heartbreaking, and romantic, and wonderful. And just happens to have muppets. Anywho, I was watching some of my favourite season one episodes, and lo and behold, have decided to grace this LJ with a picspam. *g*

1x11 - 'Til the Blood Runs Clear )

I've also been listening to FAR too many dvd commentaries with Ben Browder and Claudia Black, but it's really, REALLY, hard not to fall in love with them both whenever I do. They're both hysterical, both passionate and intelligent, have so much love for the show and obviously so much love and respect for each other. Kinda just makes me wish Farscape had gone on forever.

*holds out for webisodes*

Also -- The Office! I really liked last night's episode, so much so in fact, that it almost made up for there being NO PUSHING DAISES THIS WEEK. Almost. But I just kill myself anytime Jim and Dwight form any kind of alliance. It's wonderful.

*huggles Office writers*

So thank you, television in general, for key distraction time in this essay-ridden part of the year. It's awesome.

...I think I'm going to go watch Little Dorrit now.
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Wow. This is going to make me lulz so hard.

Office Spoilers )

And while I'm on the subject, have an Office fic rec!
Inside Jokes by Talkative over at MTT.
The fic takes those doodads that Jim put in Pam's Christmas present in season two, and creates the back story behind them. And they are awesome and hilarious and glorious in their Jim and Pam goodness! Seriously. The boggle timer story is inspired.

ETA: More on the above spoiler )
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Three little things about tonight's Office.

'Baby Shower' )

Also, Dwight for the mother-lovin' win.
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I may be (getting? still?) sick, but thanks to last night's episode of The Office, I have pretty much been like this :DDDDDDDDDD all day. It was glorious. And because it was so very... I picspammed. Obviously.

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5x01 - Weight Loss )
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It's been AWHILE since I cleared out and posted some icons. Of course... there may be a very good reason for that.

[1-3] Ashes to Ashes
[4,5] Bones
[6,7] Chuck
[8-10] Doctor Who
[11,12] How I Met Your Mother
[13] Pushing Daisies cast
[14] Robin Hood
[15-17] Supernatural
[18-21] The Office
[22,23] Our Mutual Friend
[24, 25] Crossover

100x100 sized fun )

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This week is all about the tv. Because How I Met Your Mother? Choosing your soulmate based on whether they like Star Wars or not? Best. Thing. Ever.

(Though I probably remain the only person on the planet not in love with the Barney/Robin thing. Sigh.)



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