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With lovely new fall weather comes not-so-lovely new fall flu bugs. I've been feeling sort of vaguely ill since Sunday night, so have been trying to take it easy while dosing myself with copious amounts of orange juice, ginger ale, and chicken soup. Unfortunately, unspecific-icky-feeling-ness has also been coupled with an inability to fall asleep at night. Being a lover of sleep, this is most distressing for me.

The roommate's cat has also taken to sleeping on my bed at night for the past two nights, and since this started the night of my insomnia, I decided to go to you, the internet--expert on all things cat-related, and get some information.

[Poll #1784186]

Personally I think evil cat magic seems the most likely answer.
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And I haven't made one of these posts in a while

grumblegrumbleSNOWgrumblegrumbleMARCHgrumblegrumble*KICKS THINGS*

And yes, yes, it's all very pretty, and yes it will all melt again soon, and I appreciate the oft-capricious and yet seasonably predictable dying of the winter for what it is. Now. Can we get that spring-like stuff back again?
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Amazingly, I am not going to talk about Fringe! But not one to break two trends in one day, I am going to continue to talk about television. Specifically, the Leverage finale!

You know what I have? I have a 24-year-old genius with a smart phone and a problem with authority. You really never stood a chance. )

And for those of you not interested in Leverage, have some weather talk! It just started snowing the most MASSIVE snowflakes outside. White Christmas here we come. As if you weren't all ready pretty much a lock. How crazy is all this snow across--what?--the ENTIRE Northern hemisphere? Luckily for me, I've actually done my Christmas shopping ahead of time for once in my life, so I can just hunker down, enjoy the snow falling outside from INSIDE my comfy house, knit socks, drink tea, watch my annual holiday LoTR dvd appendices... Life is good.
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I love Halifax.

On my walk home from work today, I ran into four people I know. As in, I met two (who I thought were in Ontario) and then fifteen seconds later, two more people came walking around the corner. I lived in Toronto for seventeen years, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I randomly bumped into people like that. Of course, in this city, it really isn't that remarkable. I've come to expect it. I'm actually surprised when I don't run into people at the saturday market now.

Of course, Halifax is on a hurricane watch right now. Hurricane Bill is supposed to hit us sometime tomorrow, although it's likely it'll only be a tropical storm in Nova Scotia. Still, the city's a little trigger shy after how ill-prepared they were for Hurricane Juan six years ago, so everybody's stocking up on water, batteries, and beer.

I also saw four separate wedding parties having their photos taken in the Public Gardens on my way home. I'm not sure if they're trying to beat the weather or not, either way it was pretty funny. Also a lot of bridesmaids standing off to the side smoking... I don't want to say bitterly, but yeah, in a kind of bitter way. ;)

And whatever weather we get tomorrow, for now it is hot, and sunny, and beautiful, and I'm going to eat pizza in my lovely apartment, and then go hang out with friends.

Eight more days, city. I miss you already.
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Yikes. 10 days. Have another, omg I haven't posted in forever and I don't know quite what to say because the summer kind of puts me out of the habit but I feel bad so I'm going to something anyway, post.

I've been working! Also packing a little, as my move to Toronto on the 31st is getting scarily close. OH FAREWELL TO NOVA SCOTIA, SNIFF! And, like most of the internet, I've been obsessing over A Very Potter Musical in my off hours (Draco ♥♥♥&hearts), and have subsequently been sorted into the noble house of [livejournal.com profile] slytherdouche over at [livejournal.com profile] ontdpigfarts. Deej, you have to get back to me on that pan house four-part harmony thang. ;D

Otherwise! Er... it is scorching hot like everywhere else in the country, but I really don't mind that much. It's a nice change from the non!summer we've had up until now. I finally got to dig my fan out of the closet! And wear shorts! And get a sunburn! Exciting!

But now I'm sleepy and headachy, and I've got a totally awesome grape popsicle calling out my name so I'm going to go take care of that.

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Ohmigosh, Veronica Mars. Darn you, [livejournal.com profile] _deejay_. (BUT REALLY THANK YOU) The roomie and I have blown through one and a half seasons in a week. Actually, the roomie is now AHEAD of me because she said she couldn't wait while I was at work. Jerk. ;D

So! Does anyone have any recs? Picspams, fics, vids, um...other fandom stuff? As long as it's not spoilery for the second half of season two WE WANTS IT, WE NEEDS IT, MY PRECIOUS.


Wow, I really hope I didn't just jinx myself.
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Ahhh, so much real life happenings! It's so distracting! I just got back from a job interview at Pier 21 (CANADA'S IMMIGRATION MUSEUM - the caps are apparently very necessary) which went well I think, so hopefully the summer job thing will be taken care of. I've been out two nights in a row which is ca-razy for me, but what with school drawing to a close and everyone off in all different directions (*sniff*) 'tis the season for partying. I've also got two exams later this week that need studying at some point, the sister is coming down to visit on Friday, a friend of my parents really wants me to fill out an application for Massey College for U of T-bound me so we'll see how that goes, and oh yeah, IT IS GORGEOUS OUT, SUNNY AND WARM, AND I WANT TO RUN SINGING THROUGH A FIELD SOMEWHERE. :DDD


And of course there's always the TV in my life. Tonight's episode of Chuck looks hyperventilatingly good (pleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelledpleasedontgetcancelled), ASHES TO ASHES IS BACK, and, most importantly, [livejournal.com profile] sword_of_lies's Desperately Seeking Seeker Kink Ficathon is is full swing, and I have to post at some point because nekkid Richard and Kahlan make my world go round.

How's everyone else doing?
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Gah! *hides under blankets* It's -22?! (-31 with windchill) THAT IS NOT ON. WESTERN CANADA, I DO NOT WANT YOUR WEATHER. THERE IS A REASON I MOVED BESIDE AN OCEAN.

But to combat the cold, let me give you a break down of the clothes I wore last night (when I was walking at max. two blocks but shh!):
-Fire engine red tights
-Blue sweatpants
-brown long sleeve t-shirt
-Pumpkin orange sweatshirt
-Purple hat and coat
Yeah, the cold exacerbates my colourblindness. ;)

And now I think I will hide out in bed until I have to go to class. And watch The Office. Again. Spoilers for 5x11 )
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Toronto is rainy and vaguely warmish, so pretty much like Halifax. I'm driving to Ottawa tomorrow with my cousin (we'll be there for about an hour, see my friend, pick up my other cousin and the baby, and then drive back, oy gevalt) so I hope that I'll at least get to glimpse snow there! But there's still 10 days until Christmas, so I'm optimistic that some fluffy white stuff will show up before then. This is the only time of year I'm partial towards snow, winter! Don't disappoint me now.

You remember how nearly a year ago now, the Robin Hood writers decided to be "shocking" and kill off Marian? Yeah. Well, every time I feel I've pretty much come to terms with it, I let myself go and watch old episodes, and read fic, and then get really irrationally upset again. IT WAS SO GOOD (especially all the fic). AND IT WAS FUN. AND REALLY, REALLY ROMANTIC AND HOT AND LOVELY (cuz have you seen Jonas and Lucy?) AND THEN THEY RUINED IT. AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

And now it's got me wondering if it's why I'm so reluctant to watch Merlin. Because I've been burned by cheesy, horribly anachronistic, retellings of British legends before, and oh yes, they start all sweet and innocent and we-would-never-do-anything-see-how-fun-and-non-serious-we-are-here-have-a-unicorn AND THEN THEY BREAK YOUR HEART. (Not to scare off any Merlin fans, I really hope you keep enjoying it. And I'm sure the BBC would never take another something silly and fun and effervescent and then... You know this totally doesn't work 'cause y'all are Who fans too. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. BE PREPARED.)

So Robin Hood heartbreak still in place? Check. Tried to turn to Life on Mars for a balm, but then of course you have the Ashes to Ashes Spoilers ).

So I could turn to American television, except The Office has been kind of disappointing of late, and Chuck is sweet and fun but nothing too substantial and Pushing Daisies is WONDERFUL and is better and better with each episode but I can't watch it now without constantly reminding myself that its expiry date is completely un-cheeto like and is instead fast-approaching.

SO... Robin Hood breaks my heart, Life on Mars just makes me wibbly, American tv is a wash, Slings and Arrows is over and done so let's not get into the Canadian options, and REALLY IS IT ANY WONDER I CONSTANTLY CYCLE BACK TO MINISERIES AND YES THAT MEANS OH, MR. CLENHAM, I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Yeah that whole "I'm not going to talk about Little Dorrit anymore after it finishes" was a total lie.

The obvious solution would be to give up on tv all together but... pfft. Like that's going to happen. ;) No, I'll just read more fic, and watch Robin/Marian scenes of awesome super-spyness, and remember that when it was good, it was good.

(And fervently hope that Jonas and Lucy have future projects together, with 100% more hot make-outs and 100% less stupid death. *G*)


Dec. 11th, 2008 06:49 am
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Flight cancelled. *head!smash*


ETA: Okay, my roommate harangued Air Canada for me, and now I've got a connecting flight through Montreal. And I think they put me in first class! Sweet.
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This is what I woke up to this morning:

It's not like I wasn't expecting it, but nonetheless...


I get the feeling winter won't be holding back this year.

(P.S. Spam me with your weather pictures? Snow, rain, sunshine, or tsunami... I wanna see!)
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The Bones Show!

The Passenger in the Oven )

And now I'm just going to ignore the fact that I have to get up tomorrow and write a research essay. Which is all I seem to be doing with my life lately, so really I shouldn't be surprised.

Also it's snowing. As in snow staying on the ground snowing.

*hides from world*

Where did my tv!happy go?

(In the completely random column, I've also noticed that studying The Canterbury Tales this term is wreaking havoc on my spelling. I already had to retype bits of this multiple times! Damn you, Chaucer.)
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Yeah. It's definitely snowing.

*settles into a six-month stint of complaining about the weather*
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You know. It's those useful and oft-times creative and/or time consuming things you do to avoid the thing you really should be doing. Like cleaning, instead of reading. Or in my case - knitting.

But aren't they CUTE? And very useful, I swear. (From this pattern.) The drop we've had in temperature lately (which, BTW, *not* impressed) reminded me of one of my main problems in winter that, thanks to my very poor circulation, I get ICICLE fingers for 99% of the time. And this is especially true during all that typing I have to do for various papers and the like. Essay prep for me usually involves filling up a hot water bottle I can alternate sticking my hands under. So really, I'm just being practical. And thinking ahead! For all that work I have to do...

*hides my knitted TARDIS project*

Anyway, one other good thing that's come out of the sudden cold? I finally got to break out the flannel jammies again. AND THEY ARE AWESOMELY COMFORTABLE.

*snuggles gleefully*

They've got little pine trees on them. And little moose. You know that means warmth and quality. :DDD
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I am really, really excited. I'm also considering giving up on all somewhat angsty television this fall (this has nothing to do with Robin Hood, no sirree) and just watching Pushing Daisies, and Chuck and How I Met Your Mother and revelling in unabashed goofiness and fun and saying POOH POOH to anyone trying to make me miserable via my tv screen. SO HA! Pies and spies and high fives. That's the future for me. :D

(And also The Office. Hobviously. And maybe Bones if it's good to me. Um, hey wow, look at my resolve go.)

We got back from the cottage yesterday (I am sunburnt, mosquito bitten, bruised and very happy) and then went to my cousin's babyshower last night, and then this morning went out to breakfast with the grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts for the big farewell before we're all off to our various universities. And now, needless to say, I'm a bit family'd out. Looking forward to getting back to my nice quiet apartment on Tuesday. But in the meantime, I'm going to try and see some friends, hopefully arrange some kind of Nerd!fest for tonight, and enjoy my few days left in Toronto.

And hey! The sun just came out! No more rain!

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Been a couple days - unusual for my August posting frenzy this year. Still, I'm back in Toronto, lounging, reading Calvin and Hobbes books and generally basking in my family's attentions. When they're, you know, here. They all seem to be out right now. Oh well!

Later this afternoon, the sister and I are going to the ROM (free students day, FTW!) which should be fun, huge museum geek that I am. If anyone's interested, there was a really good article in the magazine Toronto Life (which, sorry I can't find a link for), talking about what's gone wrong with the ROM's new reno (aka the huge crystal monstrosity that sticks up awkwardly out a beautiful turn-of-the-century stone building and that makes up for it with poor layout, crappy workmanship and a really horrible use of space for the exhibits.) Er... I have many Opinions about the ROM these days. ;)

I'm still deep into my Robin Hood renaissance, which is, despite my reassurances (mostly to myself) that I'm not bitter anymore, I think more like a strange version of masochism than anything else. I'll be sitting there, really enjoying an episode for its cheesy goodness, when suddenly I remember: "Oh, except it's all for nothing because then they kill Marian." (I never think of Guy as killing her. It's always "they" - writers, producers, showrunners, etc. Strange that.) And then I watch another episode. The ending of "Who Shot the Sheriff" gave me a big lump in my throat. (Watch the end.)

Marian, watching the villagers crowd around Robin in gratitude.
MARIAN: He has to have the glory, doesn't he?
MUCH: Glory? Nah. I think he just wants to be loved.
And then Robin catches Marian's eyes and they smile at each other. AND THE MUSIC SWELLS AND THE PICTURE GOES BLACK AND WHITE AND SEE? IT KILLS ME.

Robin Hood was so lovely. Okay, and uber cheesy and silly, but it was all part of its charm. I don't know why they'd give all that up just to be "shocking".

Anyway, the sun is out, and I should probably go enjoy the outside space while I have it. Toronto is unbelievably green and pretty right now, but I feel a little bad for all the rain they've had to endure to get it that way. But it is also kinda exciting! All the thunderstorms - we don't really get them in Halifax. And I get dirty looks for saying that around my family.

But one more thing: [livejournal.com profile] otahyoni linked to this first, and I just... er... wanted to too. ;) New Office Commercial: Dwight's Olympic Centathlon!. Epicly good. *G*
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I just got back from a screening of Serenity for my Sci-fi class. WIN! My prof was being very "This is Serious Business - take notes for this will be on the exam!" And then geeking out by pointing out some of the movie props he owned. ;)

But I did take many a studious note. Things like: "control matrix" and "heroism = not what it seems." ...Beside notes that read: "OMG, Mal has great hair!" I try my best. Learning is important.


Oh, and also:

Yeah. I know. This is some kind of cosmic April fool's joke, right?
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We bring the ice rink to you!

Oy freaking gevalt.

Is it spring yet?

I'm past ready for it to be spring.

But in better, more FLAIL!worthy news: DW spoilers! (thankee, [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and [livejournal.com profile] inara223)

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More snow. It's great isn't it? Lots of snow. Falling. Everywhere. Being cold. And a pain to walk through. And obscuring the sun. And... cold. And how no matter what, Dal still won't close.(maybe by now, you've picked up on my hint of sarcasm). *head-desks* Dear LORD, I hate winter!

Okay, I'm fine. Everyone just needs to blow off a little winter!angst now and then, yes? But there are good things! Like chai lattes. Mmm.... thank you, Second Cup. Also, I gave blood yesterday, which pleases me greatly, especially because afterwards there's juice and cookies and everyone there tells you how you're a superhero. *adjusts my cape* Seriously, if you think it's something you can handle, I HIGHLY recommend it. Such a great ego massage - oh, and I suppose there's all that helping save lives. ;) Though I did realize something: they tell you not to do any strenuous activity for eight hours afterwards, but on my way home after schlepping through the snow and then climbing three flights of stairs all with a heavy knapsack (The Complete Works of William Shakespeare being one of the books therein - and guys, that bitch is heavy), well, I think that might've just counted as strenuous activity. I nearly passed out on my bed. Oy, winded.

Other things: I watched the second season of Angel last week whilst teaching myself how to knit (I'm nearly done a sock! I just... need more wool) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I love Angel in its early days. Well, I loved it all the way through, even when it depressed/squicked me beyond the telling (Connor/Cordelia is NOT something I need to relive any day soon), but the second season was just so fun. Even when Angel was being a big bad emo baby, I still giggled. (and swooned - Lindsey's singing in "Dead End" still has the exact same effect it had on thirteen-year-old me) And there's Wesley being... Wesleyish and goofy and I cannot get enough. Watching the Pylean arc was a lot of fun, with the not on fire, and "Fascinating!", and "I think we're winning!". Ohmigod, Wes, I missed happy!you later on. The one thing that was on my mind at the end of the season was, unfortunately, how many of those beloved characters ended up dead by the show's end. Fred's introduction (oh, and bark enchiladas? WIN) just cemented it for me. Joss, I don't think anyone could doubt your soul-sucking mastery.

But to end on a happy note in this very up and down post (I should really eat something, that would probably help *g*) the writer's strike is over! I am really happy to have some of our shows back (JIM/PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I'd really be interested to find the EXACT contents of the agreement. What did the WGA get after all these months? Were any points conceded to the AMPTP? And can we expect to be back here in another 20 years?

ETA: And now it's raining. Just in case you're fascinated by the quirks of a Haligonian winter.
ETA 2: And because [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate mentioned it, and I saw it on the news last night, and because it's fucking hilarious (in a sad, sad way): Halifax: we're nearly too poor to plow our snow!
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Uck. Walking to class was like wading through a river most of the way, thanks to the strange weather of snow and/or rain that's been falling since last night. Thank GAWD for my rubber boots without which I'd be a lot more cranky. And a lot more wet. Still, I had to stand on the mat for a while, dripping and feeling despondent. If it freezes overnight then I'm quite literally going to need to strap on my skates to get to class. Or stay home.

Made myself feel better about living in this kooky country with its kooky weather by listening to the Arrogant Worms, which is fun if you're Canadian and which maybe you should avoid (especially "The War of 1812") if you're not. "Me Like Hockey" does have some of the best rhymes though, like:
"Maybe if we want to win-der... maybe we should play in winter!"

And THEN I saw a father lift his nine or ten-year old (i.e. not small) daughter over a big puddle (i.e. lake) like a princess, and there was much giggling and pretending to drop (though he never would) and it warmed my heart. If not the rest of me. ;D


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