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POOR ABANDONED JOURNAL. This Great LJ Revival is certainly a (slow and possibly futile) work in progress, n'est pas?

But I swear the days are just running like sand through my fingers. All my weekends in the past few months seem to have disappeared in a constant revolution of weddings/visiting/cottaging/lots of Shakespeare. Which is, granted, not at all an awful way to spend a summer. ;) Although I still have to pinch myself when I think about how ~weddings~ are now a normal things for people my age. Luckily babies still seem a ways off for most of my immediate peer group, but I'm sure they're not too far behind. I mean geeze. I was still in highschool when I started this journal. Now I have, like, multiple university degrees and a (mostly) grown-up job. What the heck???

Anyway, before I get too mired in nostalgia and/or SUDDENLY MID-TWENTIES induced panic, is anyone interested in distracting me with a bit of comment fic prompting? I need to stretch these rusty fic muscles at least once in a while. Anything you know I'm into is fair game--which these days is a lot of Avengers (of the assassins in love variety), Downton, Haven, Fringe, etc. I mean, spend 5 minutes on my tumblr and you'll get the idea. ;)

Or if you do want to talk about your "AHHHHHHH! SUDDENLY MID-TWENTIES" panic, than this is still the place. It's our generation's prerogative to panic and complain about every milestone we reach (or fail to) and I fully intend to embrace that.
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In the course of this evening I've gone through the small journey of wondering how to say a few things in Russian, to believing I could totally learn the language through the intrepid use of wikipedia and google translate, to deciding that Russian is actually insane and probably just an elaborate practical joke the Russians are playing on the rest of the world. (They would.)

Basically; for those not in the know, I am in a massive spiral and it's not going anywhere yet. I would ask for help ...but I'm having too much fun.

(But honestly, there needs to be a Natasha Romanoff fic called the girl on fire. I would try to write it, but I keep getting distracted trying to understand Russian diminutives.

So let's pretend this is a fic amnesty thing, and here's what I got:

She's been with SHIELD a week when she spars with Agent Barton in a training room. She isn't an agent herself yet, but a barely-tolerated liability, her every movement scrutinized and studied for the slightest slip in her loyalties. Let them scrutinize this, she thinks, and makes a jab for Barton's lower ribs. )

If anyone wants to make something of this jumble, go nuts!)

In the meantime, I think I feel a Doctor Zhivago* reread coming on. Maybe I've still got my notes on all the characters' BAJILLION DIFFERENT NAMES. Or I could just sneak off with my dad's copy of Russian folktales. I always liked the one with the little flying horse. It has pictures. ;D

*Fun fact! My copy of Doctor Zhivago smells like chocolate, thanks to the time in highschool that I forgot it in my bag with a melting fudgesicle. Moral of the story: irresponsible book care sometimes leads to awesome results!
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I've gone from one of those VERY BUSY AT WORK to NOT AT ALL BUSY AT WORK REFRESH ALL THE THINGS periods in the past week or so, so I would really love some entertainment. And it's been a while since I stretched the old fic-writerly muscles. (*cue the rusty-screeching-metal sound effect*)

Leave a prompt in the comments and I'll try my hand out at a wee drabble? Anything you know I'm into is fair game.

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I've had this Haven fic stuck in my head for ages and it feels like it's never going to be written. So I thought I'd try the tested and true method of just ignoring it and flexing my atrophied writing muscles elsewhere. So if you want to leave me some prompts, I'll comment fic you back with 100 words or less (ish). Just to get some writerliness back into my self.

All my fandoms are fair game--check 'em out here or on my tumblr (same user name) if you'd like. And if you've left me any unfulfilled prompts in the past (yes, Carrie) then of course you can leave them again! But no promises. ;P
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So I'm halfway through reading week and running out of procrastinate-y things to do when I thought, "AHA!" (I do think this way) "You know what I haven't tried in a LONG time? Drabble requests!"

So yes, without making any promises, if you want to prompt me anything (fandom-character/pairing-idea) I will try and write a few sentences or so just to stretch the old-hardly-used-wow-now-i-feel-ancient fic muscles. Extra points for Seeker prompts that fit into the EPIC SEEKER REWATCH viewing schedule, but really I'll take anything. I think y'all know what my fandoms are, and if not feel free to troll my fic tags.

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I almost missed watching Bones this week, not realizing that it still airs here on Wednesday while it's only switched to Thursday in the States. Luckily, the internet always comes to the rescue! And this time legally, because apparently Global streams full episodes now. Who knew? And it's better than Hulu because they are NO commercials! Woo hoo!

But I digress. Nothing is going to make up for the loss of Pushing Daisies, but at least in the cuteness factor Booth and Brennan are putting in a darn good effort. I swear one of the directors must have approached them this year and said: "Okay, from now on, we want you two to play every scene like you're sleeping together." To which David and Emily would probably say something like: "Yeah, uh... we've been doing that since season one." And the director would say: "BUT NOW WE WANT MORE."

Seriously. There is almost nothing sub about this text anymore. It's kinda awesome. :DDD

And it's the start to my Reading Week, and I have actual novels to read that aren't for school, and school work too but I'll probably procrastinate to the last minute anyway. And Dollhouse is on in an hour and BATTLESTAR, and I just got back from dinner out with the friends and... there are worse Fridays, you know? I'm hopeful the rest of this break is going to be similarly nice.

Though in less nice things, I'm almost completely over my cold, but I still can't seem to shake the last of this cough. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm getting another attack of vestibular neuritis, which is just a fancy word my doctor gave me for an ear infection that throws off my balance. Which is going to be really fun in icy weather like this, believe you me.

But I will go back to better things, and say that I'm enjoying the HECK out of Vag Fest '09 cause it's awesomely like the pornfest but without needing to wade through all the boy slash and yay, yay, YAY! And I may need a beta for a little Seeker drabble, not related to vag fest 'cause I still have no confidence writing porn I am much more comfortable with snuggles, I am, I am, and, I don't know it's not much, but I'd really appreciate it anyway if anyone wants to. Wow, what a sell. ;D

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Since it's Thursday morning, and I don't have any classes, and I should be working on my grad application but what I really need is some procrastination instead, and because it's one of my resolutions, HOW ABOUT SOME FIC PROMPTS, EH?

-Fandom, pairing/character and prompt, and I'll (try to) write you a drabble. We'll see if I can't get these fic muscles dusted off, anyway. (Which sounds very encouraging, I know.)

fic meme

Oct. 27th, 2008 11:01 pm
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Well, in true minion form, [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar did it first and now...

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

Nothin' like a bit of self-promotion )

prompt me!

Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:32 am
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I'll be in a plane for the next few hours, but does anyone want to give me some fic prompts in the meantime? Any show I watch, pairings, characters, whatever, and I'll drabble it up (you know, after I land). I'd love to get some fic writing in before classes start up and start kicking my butt. ;)
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In a somewhat selfish and shallow way, I'm mad at the Life on Mars fandom for not having more Annie/Sam fic.

And maybe not even the really shippery stuff (though I would NOT say no), but just some more general exploration of the characters and plot as seen during the show and after episode 2x08 - I would REALLY like to read some of that.

Now granted, I've only actually been looking through this fandom for about a week, so obviously I haven't found everything, and there's always the case to be made to "stop whinging and write it yourself" but I'm just kind of discouraged that in most of the fic that even involves Annie, she suddenly becomes an evil in-league-with-the-TestCardGirl person, forcing Sam into the waiting arms of Gene, or you know Sam doesn't actually like her (all evidence in almost EVERY episode to the contrary) it's just a ruse, or whatever, for his throbbing desire for Gene bloody Hunt.

So yeah, this is getting ranty, but I think I've just got to lay it on the line that one of my problems with a lot of slash (other than my obvious canon!obsession reason) is that it comes about at the expense of the female characters. Now OBVIOUSLY this is NOT the case for all slash - I have in fact read and enjoyed the odd slashy fic ([livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate, you can stop looking so shocked) and I know there's a lot of slash fic I haven't read that doesn't abuse female characterization at all - but it's still scarily prevalent. WHY does Annie have to be evil, or an idiot, or simply not there for this fic to come about? And why is it not just Annie in Life on Mars, but so many other characters in other shows as well. And in a media that is still largely dominated by male characters (how many shows and movies can you think of that really only have one female lead?) isn't it just a bloody waste to throw out the few women we do have?

I know I'm not the only person to notice this, right? And again, this isn't my attack on slash itself, but just in this off-handed shoving aside or twisting of these characters in a form of fic that's, let's face it, I'm guessing 98% written by women.

Anyway, I do apologize if I've offended - obviously this is just my opinion - but I wanted to say it. Now, I think I'll go dream up some fic where Annie is sweet and kickass and opinionated, and Sam is just crazy about her, in his confused sort of way. Because I love Annie. And Sam.

And even Gene Hunt.
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Heya. I'm bored, and considering my other option is to actually get out into Halifax and start looking for a job (it's scary! Couldn't someone just find me and give me work?), I thought I'd suggest a round of the two-sentence meme. And because I miss writing. In English. Hee.

Thus, if you'd like, give me a fandom (the regulars, plus Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes now because LOVE) a pairing and/or character and a little prompt, and in return I'll write a few sentences.

Thanks for indulging me! <3
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I'm crazy bored. To the point of possibly going crazy. Probably this is what happens when professors dump work on you for two weeks and then suddenly take it all away. Damn you, university!

(Though I did finally manage to write down a few hundred words of a story that's been rattling around in my head for, um, ever, so YAY. Even if Steven Moffat did totally steal my ideas)

So, because why the heck not, the "Get to know you" meme from the ever lovely and shrine-worthy [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2:

YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I would like to know 364 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!

Answer in the comments if'n you want to )

Re: subject title, Pushing Daisies missage still takes up a lot of my thoughts, and it saddens me deeply that we won't get any more episodes this season even if the strike ends. (Which it probably won't anytime soon, because the AMPTP is run by puppets < /pessimism>) Does this mean I'll have to start watching LOST again?

Hokay. Time to finish re-reading Dune. Paul Atreides, you still own my literary sci-fi heart for evers.
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Oy gevalt. The first week back at classes should not be so stressful. I'm sure there's a rule somewhere. BUT, essay numero uno is now finito'd (pending me going for an edit at the Writing Centre, which is really a super sekrit excuse for [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate and me to hang out - because CLEARLY we don't see each other enough) and now I feel free to geek my little geeky heart out.

First things first, I FINALLY saw Juno this saturday, after being pestered by family and friends alike, and indeed, as everyone says, it REALLY WAS THAT GOOD. Besides which, I wanted to see it ever since I saw the trailer in November, but could never quite sort out the time (nor funds) but now I have seen it and anyway, WIN WIN WIN. WIN. Cheese to my macaroni indeed )

It's amazing the kind of things I'll get up to to waste time and procrastinate. Missing TV because of el strike-o (I'm not sure what's up with the fake Spanish in this post. Just go with it) not being one of them, but being hit by such strong Jim/Pam missage of all a sudden (The Office! It's been so looooooong!), that I needed to seek out every baby!fic ever written about them (Oh, More Than That, how useful you are). Or in an amazing bout of self-indulgence, skimming through the crossover, Lending a Hand, that [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I wrote last year, trying to remember which bits Frances wrote, and which bits I did. General rule of thumb I found was that if it's awesome and Doctor-babbly then it's Frances, adjectivey and wordy = me. :) Old fic is fun. And at the low end of the scale, there's "lets watch my slippers dance in the mirror for half an hour while I actively avoid thinking about Sci-fi essays". It's a wonder I ever buckle down and actually get any school work done.

Anywho, me gusta the ficage, so would anyone be interested in ye olde drabble meme? Put a prompt in the comments and I'll write you a short story below. Basically any fandom you've seen me talk about is fair play, though be warned, Robin Hood prompts are likely to get FERVENT!DENIAL LAND treatment. I'm fairly certain the finale was just bad teenage angsty character death fic gone wrong, anyway. REAL canonical Robin Hood wouldn't kill off its leads.

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Woe is me, for I am bored.

I don't have another exam until thursday, which I know really shouldn't be something to complain about, but I have NOTHING TO DO in the meantime except refresh my friends page over and over (I mean, I suppose I could study but...) and it's only 9:00 and blerg.

So. Sentence meme? You gimme a prompt and I'll write you a little story in the comments? Or (stealing from [livejournal.com profile] anythingbutgrey) ask me anything about any fandom I've participated in, and I'll give you an answer.

Please to play with me? Otherwise I'm just going to be moping around my computer until tomorrow. And then I'm going to go see The Golden Compass with [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate. That'll be fun.
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Okay, not really, because I still watch and enjoy the show post-Rose. But on the other hand... it actually is kinda true.

So maybe I shouldn't be so hung up. But here I go anyway.

Rambles of the 'my problem could be solved so easily! *hands Billie Piper a contract for LIFE*' variety )

On a slightly different note - [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and my crossover, Lending a Hand is really ridiculously close to being finished and we've left it for SO long and I really just need to get myself writing. Now.

Oh - and I got a new job. :D
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Still hung up on 'Blink'. I really don't think I've enjoyed an episode of Who this much for a long time. To date, I think I've watched it fully through twice, plus watched it with commentary, plus skipped through it just to watch my favourite bits. I mean... wow. That's really excessive, even for me. It's actually probably akin to what I did when I first watched 'The Doctor Dances', which is definitely my favourite Who ep EVER, and may even be in my top favourite television episodes. So... yeah, I really liked 'Blink'.

More with the spoilers. )

Small note: I also really liked the music in this episode. I mean, overall I think the scoring on Who has been fantastic, but I noticed it especially in this episode. There was a piece playing during Sally's scene with older Billy that was just heartbreaking, and then a really nice bit that plays as the camera pans over the 'Sparrow and Nightingale' sign at the end. Well done music peoples.

But on a (somewhat) different note, I think 'tis time for me to do some writing, because I miss it. I've got ideas for my [livejournal.com profile] sonic_tea submission that is looming ever closer, but I haven't written anything too solid yet. So to get this train rolling, I wonder if anyone would be interested in doing the sentence meme? Give me a character/pairing from a show/movie/book I like, and I'll write a one sentence scene about them. Bonus points if you give me a prompt involving the further adventures of Sparrow and Nightingale, but I'll take anything. :D


Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:57 pm
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I am far too sleepy for it to be only nine o'clock.

That's really all I have to say, (Fascinating I know) other than that the BBC continues to own my soul (or as the Brits call it: the Beeb! Isn't that awesome?!) and that [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I are writing the one Doctor Who/Firefly crossover fic to rule them all! It's LOTS of fun to write, and I guarantee that Goldy's contributions at least are going to be a great read. Whee, such fun collaborations are!

Okay, I've got to go find something to entertain myself with because I am NOT going to bed at nine. Even if my bed is all warm and blanket-y and my pillows are all soft and...

Damn. I'm going to need chocolate.
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Alrighty. Lately I've been in a bit of a... well, an imaginative void shall we say, as nothing, absolutely nothing has come to me in the way of ideas or creativity. I can't write anything. This is probably a good thing and my brain's way of telling me: "You have two weeks to take five exams, write an essay and pack to go home! AHHHH!" But, uh, screw my brain. I like procrastination. Procrastination is my friend. *pets procrastination*

So, instead of writing something new, I decided to write something old. Or revisit something old. Whatever. How did I do this you ask? By digging up my old, beloved the Firefly Revival Plan. Yup, I made a Firefly Revival Plan (Or, the FRP as I like to affectionately call it) when I was sixteen. It even has a mission statement. And the dictionary definition of 'firefly'. But, uh... now it's two years later and I'm eighteen. Which is way more mature than sixteen. A lot more mature. Definitely. But back to the FRP, I dug up an old snippet I wrote in it and thought, 'Hey - this isn't complete garbage.' I mean, it is at best a complete, unchecked, overindulgence of River!babble, but I also think (I hope) that there's some salvageable stuff in there as well. So, here it is. A snippet of something I wrote down when I was sixteen. (Did I mention I'm more mature now?) A confrontation between Simon and River.

Emotions, feelings, they're not equations, River, things that have a correct answer. They're truth and pain and human and you have no possible way of- )

And there you have it. A little heavy on the emo, I'd be the first to admit it (Robyn, if you're out there -- gloat) but I still want to believe that there's something there. 'Cause if nothing else, I'd love to get that muse working up again.

For my... essay. ; )
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I just found out that two of my stories, Art Critic and The End have been nominated at the Strawberry Awards (which are the Firefly fic/vid awards going on right now). This is very exciting, it's like people actually enjoy my drabbles or something! This also goes hand in hand with a mention another one of my fics got on the Firefly Talk podcast two weeks ago - that made me fall off my chair when I heard that, I was so surprised. Anyway, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to whoever nominated me at the Strawberries, not that you probably read this, but it makes me very, very happy indeed. I feel a little bad, because nominating something at the Strawberries was kind of in the back of my mind since I heard about them, but I just never got around to it. Alas. "Next time Gadget, next time." Next year I shall try to be more proactive.

While we're on the subject of fic, I also have a new Firefly drabble (surprise, surprise) to post. I wrote this a while ago but kind of held off sharing it mostly because I don't really know where I was going with it. But that's true for most of my fics so no change there. The Tams centric, pre-series. Read more... )

Yay for fandom fun!


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