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I've had this Haven fic stuck in my head for ages and it feels like it's never going to be written. So I thought I'd try the tested and true method of just ignoring it and flexing my atrophied writing muscles elsewhere. So if you want to leave me some prompts, I'll comment fic you back with 100 words or less (ish). Just to get some writerliness back into my self.

All my fandoms are fair game--check 'em out here or on my tumblr (same user name) if you'd like. And if you've left me any unfulfilled prompts in the past (yes, Carrie) then of course you can leave them again! But no promises. ;P
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Posting on LJ in a post-tumblr world is surprisingly difficult (going "ooh pretty picture! ooh pretty picture!" is draining okay!) but I going to make an effort to at least post semi-regularly and thus help out the LJ Comments Come Back Tour! And luckily, the kick-off of summer tv gives me something to talk about!

Namely, Leverage )
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Amazingly, I am not going to talk about Fringe! But not one to break two trends in one day, I am going to continue to talk about television. Specifically, the Leverage finale!

You know what I have? I have a 24-year-old genius with a smart phone and a problem with authority. You really never stood a chance. )

And for those of you not interested in Leverage, have some weather talk! It just started snowing the most MASSIVE snowflakes outside. White Christmas here we come. As if you weren't all ready pretty much a lock. How crazy is all this snow across--what?--the ENTIRE Northern hemisphere? Luckily for me, I've actually done my Christmas shopping ahead of time for once in my life, so I can just hunker down, enjoy the snow falling outside from INSIDE my comfy house, knit socks, drink tea, watch my annual holiday LoTR dvd appendices... Life is good.


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