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I get excited every time Marshall sings, because I know something like this will be coming out:


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Know what's awesome? Decorating one's room with hi-res public domain art. Yup! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, y'all. Thank you colour printers, cardstock, and cheapo dollar store frames (if I could only find the closest dollarama. *googles*)

This site: Vintage Printable, has a TONNE of images in all sorts of different categories. Right now I'm obsessing over these David Roberts prints of Egypt, because I am super chouette like that. And I think all the sand in them complements the VIBRANT YELLOW colour of my room. And if they don't, luckily I'm colourblind so I'll just ignore anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. ;) DECORATING GENIUS, THAT'S ME.

AAAAAAANYWAY... tv! That's fun, right? Much better than doing my readings anyway. Last night's Castle was a lot of fun, despite that plot already happening on Bones three years ago. But Castle got all affronted over grammatical murder, so my English majorness was basically rolling over in delight. And I continue to find Ted and his snobbery the Best Thing Ever, so HIMYM was a win too. And The Big Bang Theory! Who else watches this? SHELDON. HEARTPONIES.

Now, um... when does Seeker come back?
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[1] BSG
[2-4] Buffy
[5-9] Dollhouse
[10-11] How I Met Your Mother
[12-25] Legend of the Seeker
[26-28] Misc.

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fic: HIMYM

Jan. 12th, 2009 09:57 pm
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These prompts stories will probably trickle in as I write them, in no particular order. This story is probably on the long side of what I'll write, but let's just say I was particularly inspired. Caffeine had nothing to do with it. Seriously.

Title: Beware Canadians Bearing Gifts
Rating: G
Spoilers/Timeline: Up to Season 4, but fairly general.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not even Neil Patrick Harris. :(
Author's Note: For [livejournal.com profile] lily_268, who prompted me with Robin and "Something with Canadian references or maybe the Stanley Cup or maybe her branching out into new things to get a new job but still being boob-tastic and sassy." Well, this is ostensibly about Robin, but mainly about how obnoxiously Canadian I can get. Again. Special mention to [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate who, from last Tuesday to today, managed to watch the entire How I Met Your Mother series. *needs-to-get-a-life-five* ;D

It’s not more Robin Sparkles music videos, is it? )
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Just got back from watching Commentary: The Musical with [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate. And oh my, Joss. Oh my, Nathan and NPH. OMG EVERYONE WHO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT BECAUSE &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts

It's like a nerd orgasm in a DVD case. I mean... a lot of nerd orgasms come in DVD cases, but, um, this one especially. It's the big one. (twss?)

ANYWHO, then spent an enjoyable amount of time on Youtube watching the How I Met You Mother cast sing, and Xtine, silly person that she is, has yet to watch the show. But I'm pretty sure I've fixed that now, thank you very much Robin Sparkles. AND THEN moved on to watching clips from The IT Crowd, but that apparently gets into the sceptical "okay now, Heather" territory of Youtube viewing.


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No new HIMYM episode this week :( but in semi-stalking celebrity news:

Alyson Hannigan+Alexis Denisof baby!

Aww. And then their kiddie can hang out with Amy Acker's, and Joss's, and their parents can have musical Shakespeare time in the next room and... wow, I love my Buffy and Angel alum version of Lives of the Rich and Famous a little too much. ;)

(I also love how the article's main concern is: Does this mean we get to meet Lily and Marshall Awesome's kids, Totally and Freaking?? *G* Love it.)
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I'm a little late on this, but Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! Everyone else, I hope you had a great weekend. Maybe even with pie. You never know. ;)

Anywho, I had a really nice night with the roommate and her family and friends, and now am full of turkey and pie and ice cream and wine and I think it's time for bed. :D

But I'll leave you with the (true story!) of Canadian Thanksgiving, as told by one of our hotter compatriots, one Robin Scherbatsky.

Lots of reasons, Barney. LOTS of reasons. ...But mainly hockey. *G*

Happy Holidays, everyone! &hearts
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It's been AWHILE since I cleared out and posted some icons. Of course... there may be a very good reason for that.

[1-3] Ashes to Ashes
[4,5] Bones
[6,7] Chuck
[8-10] Doctor Who
[11,12] How I Met Your Mother
[13] Pushing Daisies cast
[14] Robin Hood
[15-17] Supernatural
[18-21] The Office
[22,23] Our Mutual Friend
[24, 25] Crossover

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This week is all about the tv. Because How I Met Your Mother? Choosing your soulmate based on whether they like Star Wars or not? Best. Thing. Ever.

(Though I probably remain the only person on the planet not in love with the Barney/Robin thing. Sigh.)

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I am really, really excited. I'm also considering giving up on all somewhat angsty television this fall (this has nothing to do with Robin Hood, no sirree) and just watching Pushing Daisies, and Chuck and How I Met Your Mother and revelling in unabashed goofiness and fun and saying POOH POOH to anyone trying to make me miserable via my tv screen. SO HA! Pies and spies and high fives. That's the future for me. :D

(And also The Office. Hobviously. And maybe Bones if it's good to me. Um, hey wow, look at my resolve go.)

We got back from the cottage yesterday (I am sunburnt, mosquito bitten, bruised and very happy) and then went to my cousin's babyshower last night, and then this morning went out to breakfast with the grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts for the big farewell before we're all off to our various universities. And now, needless to say, I'm a bit family'd out. Looking forward to getting back to my nice quiet apartment on Tuesday. But in the meantime, I'm going to try and see some friends, hopefully arrange some kind of Nerd!fest for tonight, and enjoy my few days left in Toronto.

And hey! The sun just came out! No more rain!

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Because I just finished my last exam and I am done, baby!


Whew. Yeppers, I'm all done. Which also means I'm all done my third year... which is somewhat close to terrifying, so I'm just going to slide right on by that to my academic prowess. I've got all but one of my papers back and received three As and two Bs, so overall I'm pretty pleased. I'm most amused by the note I got on the paper I wrote whilst under the rather numbing effects of copious amounts of cold medication, to whit: she said I had some of the best research in the class (ME: whoo hoo!), but that my organization made little to no sense. True enough. Somewhere out there [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate is chiming in with a "Because you were hiiiiigh!" ;)

But anyway, despite the absolute work-heavy, soul-suckitude that was this term, I'm actually expecting to come out of it with an improved GPA, so *yays*.

And now I've got tomorrow ahead of me, with breakfast with the friends (who I haven't seen in about a month) and then my final HPV vaccine (yay, no cervical cancer!) and finally some last minute panic!packing and my flight to Toronto! After which there will be relaxing and reading things-not-related-to-school-work, giggling over the awesomeness that is Jim and Pam with my ever-patient mother, and then the exciting New York trip on the first! I haven't even been to the States since I was thirteen (grade eight field trip to Boston - those were good times) so I'm pretty giddy at the thought of all the things I'll get to experience for the first time. And by things to experience, I mean the museums. I am going to stake-out the met like you wouldn't believe.

So with all these plans of excitement and bright and shiny future happenings, I think I'm going to wrap up this post with something pretty brainless. That being a brief discussion of this week's tv. *g*

How I Met Your Mother )

Bones )

Done, done, done-ity, done!

EDIT: Okay, in today's livejournal mysteries: Whenever I try to friends lock this entry, it disappears. ([livejournal.com profile] maidm, I'm using your flist as my experiment ground. [now it's there, now it's gone, now it's there, now...] You don't mind, right?) Not that this entry has anything I'm TOO worried about, but it's still frustrating. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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My Literary Landmarks class, which is normally not my favourite of classes, had a guest lecturer this morning. And he was a good speaker, very funny, talked about Oscar Wilde and it was generally a good time. Anywho, he was mentioning Wilde's social structuralist tendencies, which in his words means that we formed by whatever tv show we last watched. So I thought: Hee, that's kinda true. Most of my formative adolescent years were Buffy. And then he immediately followed that up with "In other words, we're all structured by Buffy."

ME: *jawdrop*

So not only is he AWESOME, he's also psychic! And I'm officially in love and will take all classes taught by him in the future. *nods* According to my friend, he also has a Blue Sun shirt! SQUEE!

And now I have Arthur studying to do and more Bones eps to watch. Oh university, how I do love you today.

OH, and Fic Rec! I'm normally not a big slash fan (for I am [livejournal.com profile] hjea, defender of all things canon!) but this: Jim and Ted from How I met Your Mother get married and have babies and it was the Best Thing Ever. For serious. It helps if you've seen HIMYM (which I highly recommend) but I don't think it's completely neccessary. Just... enjoy the awesome.


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